Monday, December 11, 2023

Kinetic Green aims big in electric scooters, with the launch of ZULU, an e-scooter designed for the youth Unveils a visionary rebranding propelling Green Mobility

• The brand's new direction, 'Planet at our Heart', will be driven by its commitment to sustainable mobility.
• All-new Zulu will offer first-of-its-kind “Battery as a Subscription” plans and a fast-charging, long-life Lithium-ion battery with oil-cooled immersion technology.

Mumbai, 11th December 2023: Kinetic Green, a leading manufacturer of electric vehicles in India, launched its highly anticipated, all-new electric scooter, ZULU, at an event in Mumbai. Kinetic Green also unveiled a new brand identity today along with a brand philosophy statement- “Planet at Our Heart”.
Speaking at the launch, Sulajja Firodia Motwani, Founder and CEO, of Kinetic Green, said, “This is a significant moment for the Kinetic Green family and the EV industry at large. Kinetic Group has been well known and loved by millions for its revolutionary two-wheelers like Kinetic Honda scooter and Kinetic Luna. With the launch of our e-scooter Zulu, Kinetic Green is excited to announce that we will be developing and bringing to our customers a range of 2-wheelers and 3-wheelers in the coming years and now in a “green” avatar. I am blessed and proud to be able to carry ahead the great Kinetic legacy of innovation and service to society, and now adding a new chapter of “sustainable mobility” to it. Kinetic Green’s electric two-wheelers will be zero-emission vehicles, thereby making our planet greener and air cleaner. They will also bring great value and savings to the customers, with very low running costs. We are indeed excited to re-begin the 2-wheeler journey in this new avatar! In addition, our rebranding marks a momentous milestone in our pursuit of innovative and sustainable mobility solutions for the masses. As we enter this era of green technology, the new branding will foster this intent and leadership from the brand.”
Kinetic Green’s new ZULU packs in unparalleled features and innovations, remarkable speed, extensive range, and luxurious comfort. It makes the vehicle a standout choice for people looking to switch to EVs and for the youth and Gen Z, for whom ZULU will possibly be their first foray into independence and mobility. Tailored to the Indian consumer, ZULU will revolutionize the way India commutes, offering an affordable yet high-performance riding experience.
Kinetic Green will introduce a cutting-edge “KG Ener-G” battery platform in ZULU. At the heart of it is the patented Oil-Cooled Active Immersion Cooling Technology. This allows for excellent thermal management, Ultra-fast charge up to 80% in just 30 minutes, even with a 15-Amp Socket, and still have the ability to provide over 120,000 kms of mileage! All this is integrated via SMART BMS and an AI-based Battery Health Prediction System. This battery platform substantially improves battery performance, endurance, and safety, which is many times better than the market standard, reinforcing Kinetic Green's commitment to pushing the boundaries of EV innovation.
With ZULU, Kinetic Green further pushes the envelope with a revolutionary ownership experience with the first-of-its-kind “Battery as a Subscription” plan. This innovative battery subscription model redefines electric vehicle ownership, offering customers unparalleled ease and simplicity. The system ensures that the customer does not pay for the battery upfront, as the customer can subscribe for the battery on a “pay as you use” model, reducing the initial purchase cost of the scooter and eventually, can also own the battery at the end of the subscription term. This structure results in a reduction of more than 35% in acquisition cost and great savings on running costs as well. The system is fully integrated with a mobile app for a seamless user experience. 
The stylish ZULU redefines performance with a range of 104 kms, ensuring you can enjoy long rides. With a city speed of 60 kmph, it offers a speedy and fun commute experience. The substantial ground clearance of 160mm makes it well-suited for diverse road surfaces. ZULU is powered by a 2.27 kWh Li-ion battery capacity and is equipped with a portable charger, facilitating convenient charging at home.
In addition to its impressive performance, ZULU comes with a range of features to enhance the overall riding experience. These include front and rear disc brakes, under-seat storage, LED Daytime Running Lights (DRL), a digital speedometer, front storage space, a front bag hook, a stylish grab rail, an auto power-cut charger, a USB port and a boot light. Its key components, like the battery, motor, and controller, are water and dust-resistant with an IP67 rating. ZULU also comes with KG- Trust which provides a 5-year extended warranty, and KG Assure gives peace of mind to the customer with roadside assistance and service support. 

Available in six colours: Pixel White, Insta Orange, UTube Red, Black X, FB Blue and Cloud Grey, the Made-in-India Fame -II compliant high-speed electric scooter is available at an attractive introductory price starting from ₹94,990/- (ex-showroom, Mumbai), positioning it as one of the most competitively priced electric scooters in the country. 
In addition, Kinetic Green unveiled its new brand identity today, along with the brand philosophy statement- “Planet at Our Heart”. The refreshed brand logo and messaging epitomize Kinetic Green's deep commitment to environmental betterment, showcasing its passion and dedication to crafting highly efficient and eco-friendly mobility solutions. The milestone showcases the intent and vision of Kinetic Green to help create an environmentally conscious, innovative, and sustainable future. This initiative reinforces the company's mission to make green mobility accessible to the masses, spearheading efforts to reduce carbon emissions for a cleaner, healthier planet.
Kinetic Green also pledges to plant 1 crore trees across India to combat the carbon footprint of the country.
The fresh brand identity for Kinetic Green is a representation of the automotive business's evolution. The logo features an upward-styled 'K' that symbolises strength, stability, and forward movement towards a planet-friendly world. The seamless integration of 'K' and 'G' conveys a sense of on-the-move momentum, akin to a checkered flag used in motorsport. The overall design reflects authority, stability, and simplicity, encapsulating the essence of Kinetic and Green. 
The new e-scooter, ZULU, is now available at all Kinetic Green dealerships nationwide and on Amazon and Flipkart. 

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