Friday, October 13, 2023

Grand Carnival Extravaganza !!!

Grand Carnival Extravaganza for their students and outside community.
Step right up to the most dazzling extravaganza of the year! CNM &ND Parekh Pre- Primary School is set to ignite the evening with The Grand Carnival, an event that promises to leave you spell bound.
Prepare to be enchanted as the grounds metamorphose into a resplendent wonderland, adorned with heart-pounding rides, enchanting games, an assortment of delectable delights to tantalize your taste buds.
From the spine-tingling roller coaster rides to classic carnival games, there's an endless array of entertainment to satisfy all ages. Savor the whimsical allure of cotton candy and popcorn, or relish savory indulgences that will appease even the most discerning palate.
But that's not all! The stage will come alive with the talents of remarkable performers, as they mesmerize with their acts, serenade with live music, and enthrall with captivating dance performances.The evening will be an unceasing cascade of entertainment , ensuring that every moment is one of pure joy and mirth.
So, mark your calendar and assemble your loved ones for an evening of indelible memories at CNM & ND Parekh Pre-Primary School's Carnival.
This is an opportunity to forge lasting conections and relish every single moment .
CNM & ND Parekh Pre-Primary School Cordially invites you to the most exhilarating event of the year.
The Grand Carnival!
Date: 21st October 2023
Time- 5.00-9.00 PM
Venue: CNM & ND Parekh Pre- Primary School.

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