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 OCTOBER 2023: Office of the Chief Postmaster General, Maharashtra Circle, Mumbai – 400 001

The World Post Day marks the Anniversary of the establishment of Universal Postal Union, headquarter at Bern and is held on 09th October of every year. Department of Posts is celebrating National Postal Week 2023 from 09th October, 2023 to 13th October, 2023.
India Post, a vital part of the country's communication and logistics infrastructure, has undergone significant changes over time. From its inception in 1854 during British rule to its
present role as a multifaceted postal, financial, and retail service provider, India Post has adapted to the evolving needs of the nation.

The late 20th century witnessed a paradigm shift with the advent of electronic communication. To stay relevant, India Post embraced technological changes, introducing services like speed post and express parcel post. These innovations aimed to provide faster and more efficient postal solutions, catering to the changing demands of a rapidly modernizing society.

The launch of India Post Payments Bank (IPPB) in 2018 marked another significant step. This move was aimed at leveraging technology to provide banking services to the unbanked and underbanked population. IPPB's services, accessible through post offices and mobile phones, further bridged the gap in financial inclusion. Simultaneously, India Post expanded its retail services, collaborating with e-commerce companies to facilitate the delivery of goods. The rise of online shopping in India presented an opportunity for India Post to redefine its role in the logistics chain, becoming a key player in the e-commerce ecosystem.

The ongoing digital revolution has prompted India Post to further innovate. Mobile applications and online platforms have been introduced to enhance the customer experience, allowing individuals to track parcels, access postal services, and manage their finances with ease. Moreover, sustainability has become a focus for India Post in recent years. The organization has implemented eco-friendly initiatives, including the use of electric vehicles for mail delivery and the promotion of paperless communication. These efforts align with global trends towards environmentally conscious practices.

In summary, India Post has undergone a remarkable transformation over the years, adapting to technological advancements, economic shifts, and societal changes. From its origins as a postal service provider, it has diversified into financial services, e-commerce logistics, and digital solutions. As India continues to evolve, so will the services of India Post, reflecting commitment to innovation, inclusivity, and efficiency.

Facts and Figures 

Maharashtra Circle consists of two States i.e. Maharashtra and Goa. There are 6 regions, 43 Postal and 7 RMS Divisions. With the wide network of post offices viz. 61 Head Post offices, 2,157 Sub Post offices and 11,812 Branch Post offices, distributed across rural areas of Maharashtra and Goa, the Department is able to provide banking and delivery services with a total of 19,930 Departmental Staff and 19,269 Gramin Dak Sevaks.

Since the last five years, Maharashtra Circle has recruited 5,465 Postal Assistants, 5,863 Postmen/Mail guards and 3,635 Multi-Tasking staff. Besides, 9,344 Gramin Dak Sevaks (GDS) have been engaged in Branch Post offices in rural areas. During the current year, 6,282 posts has been notified for recruitment of GDS. The process for engagement in under progress. 
Parcel Directorate has been set up for capturing the e-Commerce Market. For processing the parcels in Maharashtra Circle, 27 Nodal Delivery centers are functioning for direct and mechanized delivery of parcels. Agreement for Rail Gati Shakti, joint parcel product with the Indian Railways is signed to leverage last mile reach of India Post and middle mile strength of Railways. Average daily receipt of parcels are around 44,500 of all kinds. Average daily receipt of mail of all categories is 18.95 lakhs.
India post have ventured into the Global Market through Dak Niryat Kendras. In Maharashtra Circle, 56 Dak Niryat Kendras are functional wherein, the small and medium exporters have registered themselves. These exporters can file online Postal Bill of Export for seamless booking of commercial export of parcels.  

India post is the largest postal network in the world, which serves as a critical lifeline for communication and financial services in India. Post Office is One Stop Shop. In Maharashtra Circle, 41 offices function as Passport Sewa Kendras, 1288 provide Aadhaar Services, 52 offices facilitate booking of Railway tickets, 15,169 post offices provide services of Common Service Centers. All the post offices provide Insurance and Financial services. 75 ATM's have been installed in Maharashtra Circle.

Services of Post offices viz. Postal Life Insurance, Core Banking Service, India Post Payments Bank services and other Postal Services such as booking and delivery of articles are offered to members of public residing in remote areas using RICT devices, through 11,812 Rural Branch Post Offices, including 829 located in LWE areas.

Department of Posts has launched Darpan 2.0 Android mobile App for providing faster and safer Postal services to customers in remote areas. Under this mega launch project, old RICT devices have been replaced by supply of new Mobile Handsets to all Branch Postmasters (i.e. End Users) under Darpan 2.0 Android Mobile App. 11,812 mobile devices have been supplied to Branch offices. 

In respect of Saving Bank activities, Maharashtra circle has 2.59 crores of Live accounts. 3.55 lakhs Mahila Samman Saving Certificate Schemes accounts amounting to Rs. 2185 crores have been opened in Maharashtra Circle up to 02.10.2023 since the date of introduction i.e. 1/4/2023.

Maharashtra circle has opened 11 lakhs India Post Payment Bank accounts during the current financial year, contributing to a total of 85.77 lakhs of IPPB accounts since inception. IPPB also provides third party products viz. GIC. Last year Maharastra topped the Pan India list with 9.5 lakh policies with premium of 38.38 Crores. Besides this, IPPB also provides generation of Live Certificates for the Pensioners. During last year, 57,928 live certificates were generated. One instance of how the postman can reach the old and sick is annexed in Annexure ‘A’.

Maharashtra Postal circle has achieved new premium collection of Rs. 23.97 crores with 25,500 number of policies in respect of PLI and Rs.15.39 crores with 25,413 no of policies in respect of RPLI during the current financial year.

Maharashtra Circle has achieved a revenue of more than 1500 Cr each, during the last two years. The current revenue achievement is Rs.724 cr upto August 2023 
The deployment of QR code-based payment facility in post offices is a milestone in the society's migration towards a digital economy, as the Post Office is an institution of the common man whose social significance goes much beyond its revenue figures. Provision of digital payment facility is a future- oriented initiative which marks the presence of the post office in the revolution of “Digital India” campaign and contributes to India becoming a digitally empowered society. Total transactions done during 2022-2023 were 332069 with an amount of Rs. 4.37 cr. In the current year 91874 transactions have been done with a total amounting to Rs. 1.62cr.

‘Annexure A’
Digital Life Certificate (DLC) 
Photograph given is of Shri Ramesh Sabnis, retired RTO officer and pensioner who was hospitalized at Shinde nursing home, Hadapsar, Pune.

He was bed ridden then and his family members were worried about how to get done the DLC for his pension. One day his daughter Smt Shama Deshpande visited Hadapsar IE post office and met Shri Pandurang Anande, Post man Hadapsar IE and explain him the whole situation. Immediately Shri Pandurang Anande went to Shinde Nursing home with her and not only done the DLC of Shri Ramesh Sabnis but also open the IPPB account. Due to this prompt and doorstep service in the ICU ward by our Post man every body was appreciated him and expressed thanks to the Department of Posts. After this Shri Pandurang Anand have served many pensioners and he is amongst the one of the top performed in the Pune Region in providing IPPB services to all sections of public.


Day-wise Activities for National Postal Week

On 9th October 2023 – ‘World Post Day’ – This year’s World Post Day theme is ‘Together For Trust’. The purpose is to create awareness about the Post’s role in the everyday lives of people and businesses, as well as its contribution to global social and economic development. A special cancellation on World Post Day, a Presentation Pack and Pack of postcards with a special cancellation on Avian Diversity of Maharashtra & Goa will be released on 9th October, 2023.
On 10th October 2023 – ‘Vittiya Sashaktikaran Diwas’ – Dak Community Development Program (Dak Choupal ) has been organized in 113 locations in Maharashtra with active participation of all stake holders from Central, State and Local Government bodies. The Dak Community Development Program (DCDP) aims at bringing all Welfare schemes of Central Government, State Government and Local authorities at one platform exclusively for beneficiaries. It also includes raising awareness among the members of public about all prevalent schemes and the means to avail such benefits. POSB quizzes are organized for the customers, agents, GDS and Departmental staff.
On 11th October 2023 – ‘Philately Day’: A Postcard showing AUGMENTED REALITY in Philately alongwith a the cancellation will be released. A pack of postcards on Stepwells of Maharashtra alongwith a Special cancellation will also be released. The function will be concluded with a Post Crossing Meet up. 
On 12th October 2023 – ‘Mails and Parcel Day’ – Conducting workshops with Postmasters and delivery staff posted in field units (Delivery post offices/Nodal Delivery Centre) through VC/physical mode by all Divisional Heads/Sub Divisional Heads for improving delivery efficiency, for correct and effective utilization of Postman Mobile App by delivery staff, sensitization of delivery staff for delivery of Parcels at the doorsteps of the addressee. Customer Meet for bulk customers is being organized to inform customers about new initiatives taken under Parcel Tracker. 
On 13th October 2023 – ‘Antyodya Diwas’ –is celebrated to commemorate the contribution of the Department of Posts in the lives of the common man. Awareness cum Aadhar enrolment and updation camps will be organised in rural/remote areas and urban slums. People will be made aware of the Direct Benefit Transfer (DBT), Social Security Pensions, Jan Suraksha Schemes and other products and services of the Department.

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