Wednesday, September 13, 2023

Allergan- an AbbVie Company sheds light on Chronic Migraine at the Migraine Awareness Week Conclave

In an ongoing endeavor to promote disease awareness, Allergan, an AbbVie company, has recently drawn attention to the critical importance of early diagnosis and specialized treatment for Chronic Migraine by arranging a conclave. Allergan has placed strong emphasis on educating patients about the symptoms, consequences and treatments associated with Chronic Migraine. Despite the profound impact of Chronic Migraine on individuals' lives, it remains largely underestimated and underdiagnosed.

Chronic migraine (CM) is classified as a primary headache disorder when patients have fifteen or more headache days per month for over 3 months, and at least eight of these exhibit migraineurs features. It impacts about 1.4–2.2% of the global population, leading to notable morbidity.

Migraines are typically associated with adults, but it's crucial to acknowledge that children can also experience this condition. Chronic migraine typically develops from episodic migraine due to an increase in attack frequency and/or the involvement of several other risk factors associated with migraine chronification. The incidence of chronic migraine peaks during midlife, impacting an individual's most productive years. Chronic Migraine usually affects women (1.7–4.0%) compared to men (0.6–0.7%), showing a biased prevalence toward women. This condition emphasizes the need for a comprehensive approach to understanding and treating it. This involves multiple disciplines and considers both biological and psychosocial factors.

Delving into the Chronic Migraine issue Dr Rajashekhar Reddi, Consulting Neurologist highlighted that “Chronic migraines are a complex neurological disorder with multiple contributing factors. While they can be challenging to manage, a combination of lifestyle modifications, medications, and therapeutic interventions can help reduce the frequency and severity of attacks.” He further added, “Chronic pain is a major health concern especially amongst women. It is a serious concern that needs a proper intervention approach to improve their overall quality of life.”

Recognizing chronic migraine as a condition often underestimated and inadequately treated, Allergan, an AbbVie company, is committed to advancing scientific knowledge and aims to empower healthcare providers to offer enhanced care to migraine sufferers. This will aid them provide access to care, appropriate medications, and rejuvenate lives through education and connections within the migraine community.

The significant effects of chronic migraine are well known, and many studies have investigated its consequences. These involve problems like disability from headaches, lower quality of life related to health, more medical and mental health issues at the same time and using more healthcare resources.2

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