Thursday, August 24, 2023

Top 5 Shows That Continue to Be Our All-Time Favorites

With such a vast television history behind us, it can be confusing to choose our top favourite shows, given there are so many legacies that we love and characters that we obsess over. The last two decades have given us a bunch of television shows that have shaped our younger years. There is so much to choose from – from brilliant character arcs to thrilling plotlines – many of these shows were extremely wholesome and continue to hold their relevance even after years of their telecast. 
From this bunch of all-time favourites, we’ve put together a list of top 5 shows based on IMDb ratings and their everlasting popularity amongst the viewers which might make you want to binge watch.
Breaking Bad
This intense, crime thriller is a mind-blowing series that has managed to stay on top of the charts for the longest time despite its last season run in 2013. Fifteen years since its inception, Breaking Bad continues to set the bar high for all shows. It is intriguing to see how an ordinary chemistry teacher turns his world around, unleashing his darker side when he gets diagnosed with terminal lung cancer. The show’s well-crafted characters and the consistent yet subtle build-up to the plot twist keep the audience on edge. This is a show that no one should miss and to now ensure this, Zee Café is all sent to telecast the show from 28th August along with an option to switch to Hindi dubs. 
IMDb Rating: 9.5

Game of Thrones
An adaptation of ‘A Song of Ice and Fire’ – a series of fantasy novels, Game of Thrones is widely loved by the critics as well as the audience across the globe. It has one of the finest plots ever seen in television history, especially in the fantasy genre. Incredible action with the perfect hint of drama added by constant family feuds and a quest for power makes it a perfect watch. With exceptionally great dialogues and one-liners along with moments that would leave you astonished; Game of Thrones continues to be amongst the best shows that aired in the last decade. 
IMDb Rating: 9.2

With a blend of dark sides in a family drama, Sopranos is a captivating show. The character of Tony Sopranos is built with such an iconic arc that it makes you loathe him while also making you sympathize with his situation. Despite having been shot in the late 90s, the show’s cinematography is aesthetically pleasing and way ahead of its time. What drew the audience into the show the most is the moral complexity of the characters. The unpredictability and suspense of the show grabs you right from the beginning and keeps you invested till the very end. 
IMDb Rating: 9.2

An entertaining mystery based on Arthur Conan Doyle's Sherlock Holmes, the show explores the world of the detectives in the modern era in London. Sherlock’s remarkable intellect and exceptional observation skills fascinate the viewers. The show has also given us the most memorable supporting characters from Watson to Moriarty. It hooks you from the first instance and takes you on a journey of crime-solving. And the best part is that even with a modern take, the show remains true to the works of the author.
IMDb Rating: 9.1

Money Heist
Also known as ‘La Casa de Papel’ in its original Spanish title, Money Heist is a crime drama that blows your mind with its very first plot twist. The story of a group of robbers trying to execute the world’s biggest heist grips you and keeps you engrossed throughout. Even though the main characters of the show are criminals led by a mastermind, the story compels you to side with them. The masks used inspired by Salvador Dali along with the bright red costumes symbolize the core theme of the show – revolution led by resistance and skepticism. This show will surely leave you humming ‘Bella Ciao’ as you navigate through it. 
 IMDb Rating: 8.2

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