Thursday, August 3, 2023

Suniel Shetty & Veda's Manun Thakur launch the World's First Mental Health App With 24x7 Access to Real Time Therapy while being Affordable and Private.


“100% Made in India, the groundbreaking app, Lets Get Happi will 'Democratize Mental Health Treatment in India and Worldwide'”


Mumbai, 2nd August 2023: The launch of the World's First Mental Health App With 24x7 Access to Therapy from Psychologists, Letsgethappi by Veda Rehabilitation & Wellness coincides with the increasing discussions surrounding mental health issues in India and across the world. With a keen interest in Indian start-ups that redefine the digital heath landscape to deliver accessible, inclusive mental health support to people and provide a solution to help end the stigma of mental health, the venture capitalist and actor with a diverse portfolio of investments in the healthcare industry, Mr Suniel Shetty announced the launch of Letsgethappi App along with the Founder and C.E.O. of Veda Rehabilitation & Wellness, Mr Manun Thakur in Mumbai today. Also present at the launch held at the JW Marriott, Juhu was Mr Vishwas Nangare Patil, Director General of the Anti Corruption Bureau, Maharashtra. 


India’s first and only chain of Luxury Mental Health Treatment Centres in Mumbai, Bengaluru and New Delhi, Veda Rehabilitation & Wellness is known for its all-encompassing mental health care. To make mental health care affordable and accessible to everyone while being absolutely anonymous, Veda has created the Lets Get happi App, especially for those between 16 and 35 years of age in India's metro cities. The brands are unique because it offers both, in-person and online therapy that caters to different needs and budgets, setting it apart from anyone in the field. 


The revolutionary and innovative mental health App, Lets Get Happi is the World's first App to offer access to therapy from a Psychologist 24 hours of the day along with a lot of other features such as meditations (some are even based on House and Electronic Dance Music), journaling, assessments tests, all in one App. And, it is also the World's only Mental Health App which offers Anonymity at an affordable rate making it unique and first-of-its-kind.


Commenting on partnering with Veda's Mr Manun Thakur to launch the Letsgethappi App, Mr Suniel Shetty says, "It is a significant step in supporting people with mental health tools and online therapy so they can thrive in all aspects of their lives. There is a huge gap in the existing landscape of mental health support and Letsgethappi has a unique blend of inclusivity and provides a safe haven for users to seek anonymous support without the fear of any stigma or judgment. The App is our single-minded commitment to address the blindspot existing in the understanding and acceptance of the social aspects of mental health in India.


"It's technology uses a combination of digital tools and 24/7 human support that aims to give users independence. Just like one's physical health, support for our mental health is equally important. Letsgethappi emphasizes on promoting a healthy approach to well-being and adheres to industry best practices," ends Mr Shetty.


Passionate about making a positive difference to the lives of people suffering from mental health problems – especially those who cannot access services due to a lack of resources or privacy, Founder and C.E.O. Of Veda, Mr Manun Thakur, says, "We are working hard to make mental health care more accessible in India. We have offline centres for in-patient treatment and an online platform so that we can offer end-to-end care. I truly hope that we become the first super successful company that is built on kindness and empathy." 


"I personally bootstrapped the company from scratch and am the largest investor in Veda. My own journey battling mental health issues motivated me to find a more credible and updated solution and hence, I created Veda. There will be an additional investment of Rs 55 crores in the next 3 years, over the current investment, to scale-up and offer more solutions," adds Mr Thakur. 


The App currently has features that includes therapy through audio, video and chat, journaling, psychological assessment tests, content on various wellness topics by industry experts, meditations from chants of OM to Meditations based on EDM and House Music, Daily Mood Check-In and the App's Version 2.0 (by January 24) will come with AI as the first responder, games that improve cognition and memory, much more premium content, podcasts and Interactive Journaling. 


The App has gained support from leading mental health advocates and experts from diverse industries. The current angel investors range from the Actor-Entrepreneur Mr Suniel Shetty, a Silicon Valley Surgeon to a Stanford Professor to Private Equity Goliaths to Real Estate Dynasties that includes Dr. Sriniwas Ramachandra – Celebrity Surgeon and Investor, Silicon Valley, Dr. Pramela Ramachandra – ex- professor, Stanford University, Mr. Yogesh Bulchandani, CEO, Diamantina, Mr. Karan Kumar, Founder Amalthea Capital, Private Equity, Dubai, Mr. Nitin Passi, Chairman of Lotus Herbals etc. Mr Manun Thakur has a business background of Real Estate and Infra Development, studied Entrepreneurship and Leadership from Harvard and is currently doing a course in Psychology from Yale.


The App is created by a company based in NCR called Primathon, helmed by IIT-Delhi Alumni, Mr. Sagar Patidar. The Letsgethappi App is available on both iOS and Android and has already surpassed 16,000 downloads and is expected to cross about 500,000 downloads in the next 9 months. To download the Letsgethappi App, go to the following links below:


App Store:

ABOUT Veda Rehabilitation & Wellness: Veda is India’s first and only chain of Luxury Mental Health Treatment Centres in Mumbai, Bengaluru and New Delhi and will have 4 new centres coming up in next few months. Clients suffering from Depression, Addictions, Clinical Anxiety and a range of other mental health illnesses are treated. Therapies offered include Talk Therapies, Music Therapy, Art Therapy, Sound Baths, Guided Meditation Practise, Mindfulness practise, Guided Yoga and many others. Only five clients are taken in per centre making Veda a very exclusive facility. On 2nd August 2023, Veda launched the World's First Mental Health App, Letsgethappi that has 24x7 Access to Online Therapy.

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