Friday, August 11, 2023

Shetkari Parishad to be held in Pune on 12th August 2023; will include an empowering dialogue and Innovation in Agriculture and Food Processing

It will help in fostering impactful discussions that can shape a promising future for agriculture

With an aim to emphasise on the issues, challenges, and way forward for the agriculture and food processing sector, Shetkari Parishad will be held in Pune on 12th August 2023. This distinguished conclave is poised to ignite impactful conversations that hold the potential to shape a bright and progressive future for the agriculture industry.

It also presents a pivotal opportunity for curious minds to engage with and draw inspiration from esteemed leaders, driving innovation and transformation within the industry. The upcoming conclave will comprise of insightful panel discussion series by Industry leaders and policymakers, sharing their insights on the latest trends in agriculture and provide valuable advice on how to succeed in today’s competitive market. With an ethos of ‘partners in progress’, this event will be hosted by Zee 24 TAAS and extends an invitation to stakeholders across the agricultural spectrum to join forces.

The Shetkari Parishad recognizes the significance of empowering farmers and enabling their progress. By gathering policymakers, researchers, industry experts, practitioners, and students under a common roof, this event generates a unique space for meaningful dialogue, innovative insights, and collaborative ventures. This dynamic event provides a profound understanding of the external forces that are shaping the future of farming and food processing,’ as mentioned Mona Jain, Chief Revenue Officer, Zee Media Corporation Limited.

Shetkari Parishad is a platform where we will try to give the skillset for the agriculture aspirants. By offering this collaborative platform, we aim to create a space where knowledge converges, ideas flourish, and partnerships are forged. This event encapsulates our collective pursuit of cultivating progress.


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