Thursday, August 24, 2023

Gemini Cooking Oil unveils inspiring new film ‘Tai’, an ode to Meenakshi Walke, Bamboo Lady of India, inspiring women to build their own identity

Mumbai (August 24, 2023) – Gemini Cooking Oil, recognized as the No. 1 quality sunflower oil in India by Consumer Voice, has released a heartwarming film featuring the story of visionary entrepreneur Meenakshi Walke, popularly known as the ‘Bamboo Lady of India’. 

The film, “Tai”, is part of Gemini’s campaign #EkAurPehchaan. It explores Meenakshi Walke's life experiences and the extraordinary path she has carved for herself by overcoming challenges and societal pressures to start her own bamboo venture, which has led to worldwide recognition for her and employment for over a thousand other women. 

This film is an endeavor by the Gemini brand to bolster the journey of the ever-evolving homemaker to fulfill her own aspirations. It serves as a testament to the brand's efforts to raise awareness and steadfast dedication in supporting women to hold onto their dreams and ponder within about, “Aaj Kya Banna Chahti Ho”. 

The role of the protagonist is played by acclaimed Marathi actress, Vibhavari Deshpande, who beautifully brings Meenakshi’s inspiring story to life on screen. The film also features veteran Marathi film actress Shubhangi Gokhale in the role of Meenakshi’s mother-in-law, highlighting her role in helping Meenakshi realize her true potential.

Commenting on the film, Subin Sivan, Marketing and Insights Leader, Cargill Food Solutions, South Asia said, “We are truly delighted to bring Meenakshi’s story to the world through this campaign. As a brand, our dedication lies in enabling a cultural milieu in which the forward-thinking traditionalist advocates for herself and pursues her passion. Through this film, our intention is to ignite inspiration among homemakers and women nationwide, motivating them to actively pursue their aspirations and once again introspect with the question, Aaj Kya Banna Chahti Ho.”

Talking about the association with Gemini Cooking Oil, Meenakshi Walke said, “I am very excited about this collaboration; it is a huge moment for me. My work recognition will help the millions of women around the world feel more empowered. Gemini Cooking Oil has been doing great work to empower homemakers. I feel honored and hope that I can inspire other women by highlighting my journey through this association.”
Talking about the film, Vibhavari Deshpande said, “Honestly, when the film was offered to me, I was not aware about the kind of work Meenakshi does. However, once I read the script, I was emotionally driven by the efforts she has put into turning her dreams into reality. I must say that brand Gemini championing such a unique concept of “Aaj Kya Banna Chahti Ho” and blending it so well with the work Meenakshi Walke is doing is quite outstanding.”

Talking about the conceptualisation of the film, George Kovoor, Chief Creative Officer, Wavemaker India, said “Ek Aur Pehechan is a platform conceptualized for Gemini Cooking Oil to own the space of time liberation for women from the kitchen and inspiring them to find their own identity outside of their homes. In season 1, we did a 4-part chat show, hosted by Neena Gupta who interviewed successful mompreneurs. This year we have Tai, a truly inspiring story of Meenakshi Walke. Ek Aur Pehechan, serves as a remarkable testament to understanding multi-format content and creating a content platform that can grow with the brand timelessly. It is a great initiative by the brand to stay ahead of the curve and build brand love and consideration.”
The film premiered recently in August 2023, in an episode of Kaun Banega Crorepati Marathi, where the real and reel artists, Meenakshi Walke and Vibhavari Deshpande participated as contestants on the show.  
Gemini film featuring Meenakshi’s story can be viewed here:

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