Thursday, July 13, 2023

Union Home Minister and Minister of Cooperation, Shri Amit Shah addresses inaugural session of the G-20

 Conference on Crime and Security in the Age of NFTs, AI and the Metaverse, in Gurugram, Haryana, today

Home Minister emphasises on the urgent need for cooperation, both at the national and international levels, to build cyber resilience in an increasingly connected world

Prime Minister Modi has emphasized the humane aspect of technology and he has integrated the “Internet of Things“ with “Emotions of Things“ to ensure ‘compassion’ and ‘sensitivity’ in the use of technology

Initiatives for ‘digital delivery of services’ have transformed India into a 'Digital Nation' within a decade, India has set up certain ‘open access digital public infrastructure' models, which have become examples in the world today

Transformation of our security challenges from ‘Dynamite to Metaverse, and, conversion of ‘Hawala to Crypto Currency’ is a matter of concern for the countries of the world, and, all of us together, have to devise a common strategy against it

No single country or organization can combat cyber threats alone, we need to think by rising above conventional geographic border and it requires a united front,

There must be efforts to bring some uniformity in the laws of all countries made to counter digital crimes, An integrated and stable approach to cyber security policies will facilitate interoperability, increase trust in information sharing and reduce the agency protocols and resources gaps

There should be a 24x7 cyber security mechanism in place for an effective ‘predictive – preventive – protective and recovery’ action
Time has come to build a 'Transparent and Accountable AI and Emerging Technologies Governance Framework' to ensure responsible use

Our Internet vision should neither be one of excessive freedom threatening the very existence of our nations nor one of isolationist structures such as digital firewalls

A greater focus on cyber security at the G-20 forum can make a positive contribution to ensure the security and integrity of critical ‘information infrastructure’ and ‘digital public platforms’

It is essential to strengthen the capabilities of nations and international organizations to deal with new and emerging, traditional and non-traditional challenges, including terrorism, terror financing, radicalization, narco, narco-terror links, and misinformation in a better way

We aim to create a ‘Cyber Success World’ and not a ‘Cyber Failure World'
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