Tuesday, June 6, 2023

“One child* - *One tree”

*It is impossible to save the environment without implementing the concept of “One child* - *One tree” in India* – *Actor Sayaji Shinde* Mumbai- Chaitra Creations and Publicity Institute, which produces educational materials for various departments of the Government of Maharashtra, in collaboration with Saivani, organized a launch ceremony of environmental awareness materials on 5th June at Yashwantrao Chavan Center, Nariman Point, on the occasion of World Environment Day. This program was attended by the founder of Sahyadri Devrai and veteran actor Mr. Sayaji Shinde and the founder of Saivani Sanstha, Advocate Dr. Sunil Nanasaheb Karpe had a special presence. Chaitra Creations and Publicity Institute launched six types of educational materials to create awareness among the students about various environmental issues such as carbon emissions, climate change, rising temperature, unseasonal rains, global warming, declining groundwater level, wet and dry droughts that the world is currently facing. 
Speaking in this event, founder of Sahyadri Devarai and actor Sayaji Shinde, said, "On Environment Day, the message is 'Plant trees, save trees' but the key issue is how much is followed, rather than when children are admitted to school with a birth certificate, every child should plant a tree. It should be stipulated that the seed should be brought so that when the boy or girl completes his schooling, he will have a tree of his own right. In this young age, they will have the culture of the environment. For this, Maharashtra government, central government, government and private social organizations as well as schools and colleges need to work together only then will we save our environment. Today India has a deluge of infrastructure and in this deluge we are destroying many trees, even though these trees are easily rehabilitated, we are ignoring them."   
Chitra Mete, founder and director of Chaitra Creations and Publicity, which produces educational materials, said, "The educational materials include activity sets, activity booklets, book covers, labels, bookmarks and films. has been prepared. In addition to developing environmental awareness among students at an early age, this educational material is useful for developing communication skills, memory and logic development, creativity, self-confidence, hand-eye coordination, observational skills, and creative skills.
The amount of carbon-dioxide, carbon-monoxide, etc. has increased in the atmosphere. Still, if we do not take care of the environment, this whole matter is likely to get out of hand. This is not to say that the end of the earth is near or to scare people, but it is our sincere attempt to suggest that it is time for everyone, from the small to the small, from the rich to the poor, to take care of the universe and environment around us, which is made up of the five elements.” 
Seedballs were distributed to the guests who attended the event and they were also given a pledge to protect the environment. Actor Sayaji Shinde appreciated this environmental awareness material made available in very interesting and simple language and promised to participate in this activity.

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