Saturday, April 22, 2023

Sustainable Initiatives in hydroponic farming, first time in India, for a better tomorrow, by Nutrifresh

Commemorating World Earth Day, Pune-based Agritech startup Nutrifresh aims to reduce the carbon footprint and promote sustainability initiatives through focussed initiatives 

Pune, 22 April, 2023: Pune-based Agritech startup Nutrifresh is focused on reducing the carbon footprint and promoting sustainability. Environmental sustainability is essential for protecting natural resources, mitigating climate change, preserving biodiversity, supporting human health, and promoting social well-being. It also plays a critical role in mitigating the effects of climate change.
“By reducing energy consumption, promoting renewable energy, reducing transportation emissions, practicing sustainable agriculture, reducing waste, and preserving natural habitats, we are contributing to reducing the carbon footprint and promoting a sustainable future for all. Additionally, these measures can also have benefits for farmers, including increased crop yields and reduced input costs,
“Speaking about our key achievements, we have 150k Kgs of production capacity per month across farms and the fresh produce is delivered within 24 hours in the service areas. Our total area with active hydroponic production is 33 acres. We have served around 15K households across Mumbai & Pune regions,” said Bina Khan, Board Advisor & Investor, Nutrifresh Farm Tech India Pvt Ltd. 
Sustainable initiatives announced by Nutrifresh:
Efficient Resource Utilization: One key sustainable aspect that Nutrifresh focuses on is efficient resource utilization. This includes optimizing water usage, minimizing the use of pesticides and fertilizers, reducing energy consumption, and ensuring proper waste management.
Climate Resilience: Climate resilience is another important area of focus for the company. This involves developing crop varieties that are resistant to extreme weather conditions such as droughts and floods, developing technologies to monitor and manage soil health, and utilizing precision farming techniques to reduce waste and increase yields.
Biodiversity Conservation: Nutrifresh is also focused on promoting biodiversity conservation through crop rotation techniques, creating habitats for pollinators, and reducing the use of pesticides that harm beneficial insects and animals.
Sustainable Supply Chains: Another critical aspect of sustainability for the company is ensuring a sustainable supply chain. This includes working with female farmers to promote sustainable practices, establishing fair trade agreements that benefit farmers, and reducing waste through efficient logistics and transportation.
Social Responsibility: Finally, Nutrifresh is focused on social responsibility by ensuring fair and ethical labour practices, promoting gender equity and inclusivity, and supporting local communities through initiatives such as enhancing the skills of females and helping them to become earners in their families.
Co-founded by two Agripreneurs, Sanket Mehta and Ganesh Nikam, Nutrifresh' aim is to supply consistent pesticide-free Hydroponic produce that is nutrient-rich to the Indian consumer year-round. Nutrifresh is committed to quality and is one of the few farmers with ISO, FSSAI, APEDA, HACCP, and GLOBAL GAP certifications. As an Agritech startup operating for the last three years under the name of Nutrifresh Farm Tech India Pvt Ltd., having operations in Pune and Mumbai currently running a 33acres farm, we are into soilless and hydroponic cultivation. 
Nutrifresh now sells its products to over 100 B2B aggregators in India, as well as modern trade aggregators and delivery partners such as Nature's Basket, Big Basket, Swiggy, Kissan Konnect, Star Bazaar and Zomato Hyperpure. It has an established protected cultivation facility that uses high-quality seeds from Israel and the United States, where the air is given in controlled amounts, water is RO-cleansed, and nutrients are water-soluble. From seed procurement to germination, nursery, harvesting, packaging, and finally delivery to the end user, the entire production is under control. The produce is delivered to the consumer within 24 hours of harvest, demonstrating that the supply chain is fully linked and in sync to ensure consistency of freshness.
The Nutrifresh farm can serve 30,000+ customers in Mumbai and Pune with their current capacity. Consumers can order their veggies from the Company’s proprietary-owned website (, Android (Play Store), Apple (App Store) operated apps and Google forms.

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