Thursday, March 23, 2023

*From her momentous play to her community for women, actor Juhi Babbar Soni is empowering women one step at a time*

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With years of experience in acting, direction and theatre, Juhi Babbar Soni’s She से…Shakti on coto, a social community app for women motivates women to realise their full potential and inner strength 

Actor, filmmaker, mother and thespian Juhi Babbar Soni dons multiple hats. A go-getter, Juhi takes on each and every role with full gusto. Over a period of time, Juhi realized that many women in our society don't live their life to the fullest and are unaware of their potential and powers. With She से…Shakti, her community on coto, a social community app for women, Juhi aims to invite women to join her community and wishes to provide them with a platform to connect and inspire each other.

This, however, is not the first time that Juhi has taken a step toward women's empowerment. Through her play, With Love, Aap Ki Saiyaara, Juhi has been narrating the story of a modern Indian woman who is a survivor, a fighter, and an achiever. Juhi recently performed the play for the 50th time. Now, through her coto community, Juhi aspires to extend her support to women who can learn from each other, share their knowledge and insights, and build a supportive network that fosters growth and success.

The purpose of She से…Shakti is to provide a platform for women to come together to share their stories, experiences, and struggles, and at the same time, discover their inner strengths. The community is founded on the belief that all women have the power to be go-getters and achieve their goals. It is a safe space for women and promotes the mantra of #WomenForWomen. With this coto community, boss ladies can engage in meaningful conversations with each other and discuss issues without the fear of judgment.

"Every woman is unique and has her own set of talents and strengths. My community on coto is for all the women who are willing to identify their strengths and potential. It is for all thes ladies to embrace their individuality, and use their strength to fuel their growth,” said Juhi Babbar Soni. “With She से…Shakti, my aim is to create a breeding ground for women to build self-confidence and find their voices by learning from each other. I feel growth is an ongoing process. While I will also share my stories and experiences to help each other, I am also looking forward to gaining some knowledge and insights from my tribe.”

Here is some of the content Juhi shared in her coto community, She से…Shakti

Join Juhi’s community She से…Shakti on coto!

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