Saturday, March 4, 2023


Netflix recently dropped the trailer of it’s upcoming action series, Rana Naidu and the fans can't wait to watch what’s in store for them! . The trailer gives a sneak peek into the dark and gritty world of the rich & famous with detestable yet admirable antiheroes. While the show focuses on the warring father and son - Rana and Naga's ongoing feud, it's Rana's brothers Tej and Jaffa, who bring a ray of hope to the darkness. Sushant Singh and Abhishek Banerjee, who play the ultimate siblings, have brought the Naidu brothers to life with their amazing performances and on-screen camaraderie. Played by one of the most versatile artists of the current times, Abhishek Banerjee, Jaffa is the most vulnerable character in the series who is fed by the familial love and care provided by his elder brothers. “The vulnerability of Jaffa made him susceptible to the beguilement of his own father and would have put him in unimaginable danger, had he not had the protection of his brothers”, says Abhishek while also candidly opening up about how this was not the case as soon as the cameras turned away. “ I was bullied by Sushant on set, just like an elder brother bullies his younger sibling. I have grown up being the only child to my parents so exchanging this banter with him actually made me feel more like a part of a family that I was also portraying on-screen.” Speaking about the bond the three of them shared, the veteran actor Sushant Singh added, “There is something so beautiful about the bond that brothers share, that cannot be described in a few words. Rana, Tej and Jaffa have a kind of a tizzy relationship. They bond over their shared trauma and prove to be each other's pillars facing the storm that is their dynamic relationship with their father Naga. This was not bound only to the characters we played but also when we were off-screen. We helped each other through character developments and took much more interest in making this series the finest we could. We also had a lot of fun just working together on set - the three of us have very different personalities, but when we came together it was always a riot." Tune into this sweet sibling saga in the upcoming high octane, high energy, action packed thriller -Rana Naidu. Streaming only on Netflix from March 10th!

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