Friday, February 3, 2023

WORLD CANCER DAY : Tips on buying cancer insurance by Ankur N, CEO, AXA France Vie

Cancer coverage insurance as a top-up with a top-up premium rate on a regular policy. This is one way to make it more affordable, as a stand-alone cancer policies might have heavy premium rates. Additionally, having a separate sum insured for cancer in insurance policies, apart from the general sum insured, can also help in tailoring the coverage to the prospective needs of the policyholder. Even insurance plans specifically designed to cover cancer may have a pre-set list of malignancies that are covered, as specified by the insurance provider. It’s strongly suggested to carefully examine the exclusions list to ensure that any malignancy that is particularly concerning to you is not excluded while buying insurance for yourself or your family members. Before enrolling in a plan, it's wise to consult the insurance provider with all the queries you may have to avail the best solution for you.”

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