Wednesday, December 28, 2022

*“Don't let motherhood hold you back”: Actress Sai Deodhar's community helps women return to work with confidence*

Through her community BACK2WORK on coto, a social community app for women, Sai Deodhar inspires women to continue pursuing their passion / get back to work after a break.

*National, 27 December 2022*: Did you know that one in three women have thought about switching to a different job or reducing their workload due to family commitments? For mothers, it can be tough to balance a career and family responsibilities. In fact, the pandemic led to more women leaving the workforce compared to men. Actress *Sai Deodhar*, known for her roles in popular TV shows like Udaan and Saara Akaash, took note of this issue and realized that getting back to work isn’t easy for women after a break, but it’s not impossible either!

To help, motivate, and inspire women to go back to work after a break, Sai created a community called *BACK2WORK* on *coto*, the social community app for women. Here, she will interact closely with women who can share their own experiences and find support in each other to start working again. This community serves as a place to discuss problems and possible solutions in their journey back to work and how to maintain a work-life balance.

Sai Deodhar knows first-hand what it is like to be away from work when prioritising motherhood. She took a break from work for four years when her child was growing up. But her love for work made her come back to the set – not just as an actor, but as a writer, filmmaker and producer too! While she acknowledges that she’s had incredible support from her husband and family for following her passion, Sai knows that the situation is not the same for a lot of women. She wants women to not lose sight of themselves while they’re busy with motherhood and realize their true potential.

“Motherhood is the most beautiful thing that happens to a woman,” says Sai Deodhar. It makes us complete. But all the same, that and family commitments are some major reasons why women take a break from work. Though it is never the same for some women, a lot of them never get back to work. Reasons could be family support, feeling redundant or obsolete after a gap of many years, lack of trust and opportunities from the employer's end, and dwindling self-confidence, to name a few.”

*She further added,* “I feel getting back to work is important for financial independence as well as growing and evolving as individuals. We, as mothers, should set an example for our kids that prioritizing and choosing things for our happiness is very important. With this perspective, I have created my ‘BACK2WORK’ community on coto to unlock women’s infinite potential.”

Here’s some of the content that Sai has shared in her coto community *“BACK2WORK”*

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