Wednesday, September 7, 2022

*CREDAI MCHI Department of Registration Stamps collaborate to* *introduce E registration Facility*

*Mumbai, 7th September 2022:* As a part of CREDAI-MCHI’s commitment to future-proofing 
the real estate industry by adopting digitization, CREDAI-MCHI, in association with The 
Department of Registration and Stamps under the Government of Maharashtra, *will introduce the E-registration Facility at the CREDAI MCHI Property Fest.* *The 30th edition of the flagship event will be held from 13th-16th October 2022 at MMRDA Grounds, Mumbai.* This initiative aims to facilitate ease of buying for homebuyers to further grow the 
largest real estate market in the country.
*Commenting on the digitization of registration, Mr. Dhaval Ajmera, Hon. Secretary, CREDAIMCHI said,* “MMR has emerged as one of the most sustainable growth ecosystems for our 
industry nationally. The launch of this initiative will open doors of a new home-buying 
experience for thousands of buyers who will now enjoy a vastly improved level of ease and 
convenience in buying their dream homes. This pilot will also help in boosting homeownership 
sentiment further when the growth momentum is high. We thank the Department of 
Registration & Stamps for partnering with us to enable this initiative.” 

*Mr. Nikunj Sanghavi, Convener, Exhibition committee, CREDAI-MCHI also said,*“Customercentricity is the thought behind this initiative, especially for the new-age buyers who want the convenience to support their home-buying experience. Since we will launch this facility during our flagship event, customers would get an opportunity to understand the process in real-time with the help of dedicated members who will take them through the process.”

During the 4-day fest, CREDAI-MCHI will put up exclusive Stall to promote E-Property 
Registration Facility. The state government officers will spread awareness among the home buyers and guide them through the new portal. CREDAI-MCHI with the state Government has 
so far organised 6 training workshops for developers. 

The Property Fest will include a range of alternatives to choose from, from affordable to 
luxury apartments and aims to bring the most renowned developers and homebuyers under 
one umbrella. The event will also provide an opportunity for homebuyers to find all answers 
in one place, driving their decisions to finally purchase their dream homes.

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