Monday, April 11, 2022

‘DP Retail Masala’- for Indian Kitchens

Darwin Platform Group offers a New-Age Spice Range- ‘DP Retail Masala’- for Indian Kitchens The spices are available on DP Retail’s e-commerce platform and its flagship stores ‘DP Retail’ Mumbai 11th April 2022: What makes India stand out across the globe is the variety of spices found in our Kitchens. These spices are the backbone of our cuisine and have been cultivated in many different forms across the subcontinent. Understanding India’s taste buds Darwin Platform Group of Companies has now offered an amazing and innovative product range for Indian Kitchens in all food categories. Darwin Retail has recently launched its premium quality blended and pure spices under the brand name ‘DP Retail Masala’. The spices manufactured using the best quality of raw materials are perfectly roasted, blended in perfect proportion to deliver authentic local taste. All the masalas are made in small batches and packed in PET jars to retain the aroma, flavour and taste through the life of the product. With its dedicated passion to bring home new and trending international flavours in exciting ways, DP Retail Masala, a brand by Darwin Platform Group, offers a new-age spice range. The spices are available on DP Retail’s e-commerce platform and its flagship store ‘DP Retails’. “The masala range is launched keeping in mind our efforts to get into retail of grocery items under the private label named ‘DP Masala’ in every nook and corner of India retaining the taste of every region,” says Dr Raja Roy Choudhury, Group CEO, Darwin Platform Group of Companies. “Now, we have the most unique and innovative taste enhancer that beats all other spices available in the market. Specialized in condiments and cooking pastes, the new range of products signifies yet another long-needed innovation in food processing,” adds Dr Choudhury. An exotic, spicy, and tangy blend of flavours, DP Masala Mix comes in sprinkler powder form, making it easy and convenient for everyday usage. Spice lovers just need to sprinkle it over or use it as a masala ingredient in their daily food dishes to bring out an extra zest of flavours and taste. DB Masala Mix has all kinds of Indian flavours. Currently, DP Masalas are available in different blended variants like Garam Masala, Vegetable Masala, Hing (Asafoetida) powder, Chicken Masala, Chana Masala, Paanipuri Masala, Shahi Biryani Masala, Tea Masala etc and spices in powder form like Turmeric, Red Chili Powder, Cumin, Coriander, Pepper and many more. About DPGC Established in 1996, the DPGC’s net worth is USD 8.4 billion and it has 29 associate companies. Over the years, the Group under the leadership of Mr Ajay Harinath Singh has made rapid progress in several sectors with its other associate companies which include Darwin Platform Industries, Darwin Platform Refineries, and Darwin Platform Infrastructure. Apart from these the Group, through its subsidiaries and associate companies, also operates in Banking, Insurance, Healthcare, Defence, Realty, Energy, Mass Media, and IT Sectors. The Group targets to provide 4 million jobs or income generation opportunities in each state (total 28) and Union Territories such as Delhi and Chandigarh. The Darwin anthem is ‘Akhand Bharat Atmanirbhar Yojana’.

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