Sunday, March 20, 2022

NEW LAUNCH: Quench Botanics Yuzu Infused Skincare Range

 Beat the heat and rejuvenate your skin!

Quench is here to make your Summer better by introducing you to - Four new Quench launches.

1. Quench Yuzu Fine Vitamin C Foaming Face Wash
2. Quench Yuzu Fine Brightening Peeling Gel
3. Quench Yuzu Fine 2-in-1 Vitamin C Scrub and Clay Mask
4. Quench Yuzu Fine Revitalizing Under Eye Gel

We, at Quench, believe in the power of high-quality Korean beauty products inspired by the goodness of natural ingredients.
Beauty should be easy and make you feel happy! Our forever aim is to bring you the most luscious, skin rejuvenating formulas that are safe, toxin-free and evoke your inner glow!

Each one of us is different. And, each one of us is beautiful.
At Quench, we take great care in simplifying Korean beauty for you and bringing the most unique and authentic skincare formulas that relentlessly work to make your skincare routine much more effective. All our products are best suited for Indian skin and help it reset to its best and the supplest state ever.

We have a range of Path-breaking Korean Skincare products powered by effective natural ingredients like Korean Ginseng, Cica, Lotus Root, Grapefruit, Cherry Blossom Extracts creating perfect recipes for happy, healthy and radiant skin. These intensely nourishing and refreshing formulas target, care and prevent skin concerns like acne, blemishes, oil control, open pores, dull and uneven skin and promise you only a smoother, hydrated and healthier-looking complexion. 

All Quench products are free of sulfates, parabens, phthalates and alcohol, they are 100% vegetarian and cruelty-free. 

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