Friday, October 22, 2021

TiE Mumbai engages with Startups through Masterclasses, Idea Pubs and Innovation Programs

Mumbai, October 22, 2021: TiE Mumbai has continuously assisted young businesses and entrepreneurs in India. Its mentoring support to start-ups has made the journey for start-ups to scale up possible for several businesses. In its endeavor to support Entrepreneurs to continuously adapt to our changing world, 

“TiE Mumbai’s online knowledge sessions enable Startups to pick up new trends, innovate and evolve faster.” said Naveen Raju, Executive Director, TiE Mumbai. 

Some of the online sessions organized by TiE Mumbai in the current month are –

TiE Food Network Presents "Idea Pub"- Food entrepreneurs can get their ideas validated in this interesting session. Here experts / mentors will make an attempt to validate idea / resolve business related issues & it will also be done amongst peers 2 peers. TiE believe peers are the ones who know on ground issues and peer to peer idea validation could help one way more than anything else. This session was chaired by Ravikant Sabnavis -Charter Member, TiE Mumbai | Chief Executive Officer, Innovative Oral Care.

Masterclass On How to Build and Market a Successful E-Commerce Website- With the Coronavirus hitting us, we finally understand the power of digital. Every business or service must go digital to survive in times like this! This workshop helped the participants learn how to build and host a website using Shopify, planning and designing website, best UI/UX practices, adding products to the store, SEO - Making sure the right keywords are entered for google to know that you exist and adding pages to your online store - About Us, Contact Us, Blog, etc. It also helped learn about adding Apps to your store - Live chat, up sell, product zoom, spin the wheel, ratings and review, etc., strategies to boost your online sale, understanding eCommerce Analytics and online marketing hacks to generate more sale.

Opportunity for Healthcare Startups to get funded, co-develop & more- TIE Mumbai's Healthcare SIG collaborated with a few corporates for their Open Innovation programs and with Funds in this space that are keen to fund the NexGen Digital Healthcare / Health Tech Startups. Startups in the Healthcare / Health Tech space are eligible for this opportunity. Customer base & traction, Revenue generating & preferably profit generating and Pre Series A to Series A are other important criteria.

Why Retail & Consumer Brands are Physitalising their Supply Chain? – This panel discussion focused on the impact of pandemic on demand & supply drivers, how to deal with these new challenges to optimize the supply chain operations and the cost and the role of technology in dealing with these challenges  The expert p𝐚𝐧𝐞𝐥lists includes Rahul Nayak, Executive Director - Retail, Spencer's Retail, Jyoti Mulay, Head of Supply Chain, Hippo Stores, Simon Calvert, MD, Future Today Retail Consultancy Limited, UK  and Ranjan Sharma, CIO, Head of SCM, BESTSELLER.

Make your Startup Future Ready with Microsoft AI Innovate- Microsoft is organizing a 10-weeks immersive program to help you Build, Scale, and Transform. This Program is the first of its kind Microsoft’s AI cohort in India, focusing on Fintech, Manufacturing Tech – IOT, Robotics, Industry 4.0 & Supply Chain Logistics. Anant Maheshwari, President, Microsoft India kicked off this program with a Fireside chat. 

Business Builder Evening with Vraj Gokhlay, Partner- KPMG |Opportunity Scanning in Times Of Turmoil- They say in challenging times come the maximum opportunities and entrepreneurs are the first ones to react to such challenges. And they do that by seizing the moment and quickly turning around great products and services. We have seen massive transformation occurring during times of COVID and it has left a significant impact on how people do business and how people consume the output of that business. This session discussed the opportunities that we saw emerge during and ongoing post 2nd wave of COVID and where do we see things headed.

Some sessions further planned in the month are-

  • Physical infrastructure including state-of-the-art Ready-to-Work Plug & Play space for Agritech Startups

  • Mobility Program for Startups in the ACES Domain

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