Thursday, September 3, 2020

New Zealand unlocks mindful travel for Indian listeners

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Unwind with unique sounds from New Zealand designed to calm your mind through featured meditative audio tracks

Mumbai, September 1, 2020: Tourism New Zealand launched a Spotify channel, a second ever from a tourism board on September 1, 2020. The album is called ‘Mindful Journeys’ and features four meditative audio tracks (two with narration and two without). While international visitors cannot visit New Zealand right now, the album has been carefully designed to transport listeners virtually to New Zealand, helping them arrive at a place of tranquillity, disconnect from their stresses, and calm their minds through these meditative sounds.

Through the soundscapes, listeners will journey through the North and South Islands of the country, experiencing the tunes unique to New Zealand including native birds, bubbling geothermal mud pools and the gentle sound of the breeze moving through the forest. With plenty more unique, relaxing and natural sounds to tap into in New Zealand, additional tracks will be release by the tourism board in the future.

Stream now on Spotify:

North Island - Far North to Rotorua 
Paparoa track
Credits- Stewart Nimmo
Begin your journey on the iconic beaches of the upper North Island, listening to the gentle sounds of surf and seabirds. With the breeze move into our forests, hearing the native birds and insects as well as the soft noises of the forest floor. Travelling through the earthy sounds of the bush, emerge in the geothermal area of Rotorua. Steaming water, bubbling mud pools and the distinctive rush of the natural geysers can be heard.

South Island - Marlborough Sounds to the Canterbury Plains  
Start off in the gentle lapping waters of the Marlborough sounds, then head down the rugged beaches of New Zealand’s West Coast. Stop off at the Punakaiki Rocks, with their distinctive sounding blow holes. Move inland, briefly travelling through the foothills, up into the Southern Alps where we are in mountainous air, wind whips and distant keas call. Then head down the other side via one of the many rivers that is fed by the mountain range. End up in the peace of a Central Otago valley, with regional birds and insects keeping things rich and textured.

Where to stay for a mindful experience in New Zealand:

  • Split Apple RetreatAn ultra-luxury wellness retreat on the edge of Abel Tasman National Park with expansive views out to sea. Each suite is designed to give a feeling of restful calm, and the menu is designed to positively impact health and wellness from the inside.
  •  Aro Hā Wellness RetreatAro Hā is a purpose-built wellness retreat, a first in New Zealand, designed to refresh, rejuvenate and reignite from its spectacular alpine location. Combining nutrition, exercise, adventure, alternative health and self-development and some of the most jaw dropping scenery New Zealand has to offer to transform and re-center.
  • Hapuku Lodge & Tree HousesNestled 30 feet in the air in one of the most beautiful parts of New Zealand, these tree houses sit amongst native Kanuka Grove and underneath the majestic Kaikoura mountains. With wild deer, an olive grove and a vineyard, this 5-star eco-retreat offers fresh, organic local produce and mountain or ocean views from every window.
  • Resurgence Luxury Eco LodgeSet amongst 50 acres of tranquil wilderness alive with birdsong in the Nelson region, Resurgence eco-lodge offers kayaking, hiking, cycling as well as art and wine trails. Farm to table dining enjoyed immersed in your bush suite, or a range of therapeutic treatments available for ultimate absorption in relaxation.
  • The LandingA unique heritage and conservation property, The Landing is a thousand acres of beaches, vines, rolling hills and wildlife sanctuaries. A sacred coastal setting in the far north, the beauty of the land is celebrated through the variety of experiences on offer; from paddle boarding to wine tasting and garden to plate dining.

The sound of nature is proven to help us relax; physically changing our mind and bodily systems. Playing ‘natural sounds’ affects the systems that control our flight or fright nervous system with associated effects in the resting activity of the brain. It provides scientific research between naturalistic sounds and ‘green’ environments and promoting relaxation and wellbeing, confirming the idea that we feel relaxed and switched off after a walk in the countryside.

As little as 10 minutes a day of mindfulness practice can produce tangible benefits for professionals across a company, according to research; with an increase in their ability to focus, regulate emotions, empathize and adapt to changing circumstances. They become better able to collaborate with others, more resilient and able to handle complex and uncertain conditions at work.

What are you waiting for? Search 100% Pure New Zealand on Spotify and look for the official 100% Pure New Zealand logo or click here.

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