Tuesday, December 24, 2019



Director:              Gautham Menon, Prasath Murugesan
Cast:                     Ramya Krishnan, Anikha, Sonia Agarwal, Lillette Dubey, Indrajith Sukumaran

Rating-                 3.5/5

As the title suggests, the series tells the tale of the lady who was no less than a queen. With the kind of reputation and stature she had, she was undisputed queen who commanded love and respect. More than rags to riches, this series can be termed as an 'underdog to powerful' story. The rise from an ordinary to extraordinary is what it is about. The series is based on a book 'The Queen' written by Anita Sivakumaran. Playing the lead role of Shakthi Sheshadri, Ramya Krishnan has done justice to her character.
Starting with interview of Shakthi Sheshadri, we are lead into her life in flashback. As a child Shakthi, actress Anikha has played the role beautifully. She depicts perfectly the ambitious girl who has to cope with her humble background. Her aspirations from life are many but the circumstances are against her. The story is told in a to and fro fashion as it shuffles between the questions posed to Shakthi by the interviewer (Lillette Dubey) and the life of Shakthi in the past. In the childhood part, we see Shakthi's struggle to achieve what she wants, no matter she couldn't fulfill her dreams. And then we see the second stage of her life where she is a successful actress though her struggle to sustain continues.
Well shot and well directed, the series is technically wins on technical front. The actors have done their part well. But the unavoidable gloom that oozes from start to end, is the weakness. Also, Shakthi's character wavers at times, which underplays her character. Still, the series is worth watching because of its clean content and the motivating journey of Shakthi Sheshadri, the Iron lady.

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