Friday, November 8, 2019

Medical Coding and Virtual Scribing drive Aquity Solutions Expansion Plans

7th November 2019, Mumbai: Aquity Solutions announced their major expansion plans as part of their Vision 2020. Medical Coding and Virtual Scribing will now empower the conventional Medical Transcription business, which has been our hallmark for over 25 years. The Company’s legacy traces back to 45 years of continuously servicing the US healthcare marketplace.
The company which was formerly known as MModal got rebranded as Aquity Solutions earlier this year. 3M acquired the IP and technology business of MModal and spun off the services business to Aquity Solutions comprising medical transcription services, coding services and virtual scribing services.
 The Global infrastructure delivery model encompasses more than 7000 employees in 5 countries, with 11 operation centers spread across India.
India happens to be the largest Human resource capital for Aquity Solutions. With a skilled workforce, proficiency in English language and IT enabled qualities, the new Verticals seek a more holistic Public-Private Partnership under Government’s initiatives like Skill India and Digital India.
The total Market opportunity in US alone is projected at $8.9 billion.
Witnessing the growth potential of the businesses in US, the coding and scribing operations are now launched in India across our offices at Hyderabad, Vizag, Coimbatore, Mumbai and Bangalore.  With the success rate after the launch in India, we expect that the business will grow many folds over a short period of time. These businesses are providing jobs to the transcription industry as well as to the paramedical professionals like nurses, doctors, physiotherapists, etc. said Mr. Agnelo Rodrigues, Executive Director of Aquity Solutions, India.
According to Mr.Kashyap Joshi, CEO of Aquity Solutions, “We are expecting further facility expansion in cities like Mumbai, Bangalore and Hyderabad. The setting up of new facilities can be expected by the first quarter of 2020.  We have advanced technologies and the expertise and we are aiming to build more and increase our capacity to expand our Coding and Scribing operations in India.”
Our further outreach would be through immersive action which compliment the Government’s initiatives, the Medical Training Institutions and fragmented fraternities from the Medical Transcription resource for a recall back into hi-tech career opportunities like Medical Coding & Virtual Scribing.

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