Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Adani Electricity promotes energy saving appliances this Diwali

Offers 44 % Discount on Super-Efficient Fans & up-to 47 % on Refrigerators

Mumbai, 22 October, 2019: Customers can save up to 53 % Electricity on super-efficient Fans and 40 % on 5 star rated energy efficient Refrigerators as Adani Electricity Mumbai ltd on eve of Diwali has come up with an offer where customers can purchase Super-Efficient Fans at 44 % discount and Energy Efficient 5 star rated Refrigerators up to 47 % discount. Customers will be able to save 7 million units annual savings on Refrigerators and 6.45 million units on Fans. 

An AEML spokesperson said “Refrigerators and ceiling fans contribute a significant portion of the electricity consumption in a typical household.  Discount of 44 % on Super-Efficient Fans and 47% on Energy Efficient 5 star rated Refrigerators will help our customers to buy these products at affordable rates and also save on electricity Bill's. Under this scheme, we are offering discounts on 50,000 ceiling fans and 20,000 refrigerators to customers. Residential customers can avail the offer by registering for this program either by calling a toll free number 19122 or filling up the Registration Form on the website of Adani Electricity Mumbai Limited www.adanielectricity.com .”  

As energy efficient appliances cost more, Adani Electricity Mumbai Limited bridges the price gap by offering rebate to help its customers purchase energy efficient appliances and promote energy efficiency.

Every year, Adani Electricity Mumbai Ltd runs energy efficiency and energy conservation programs for customers with an objective to create awareness in the society on the importance of energy conservation and smart usage of energy. The programs aim at facilitating adoption of energy efficient technology in order to reduce customer demand and power purchase cost, while also reducing Green House Gas (GHG) emissions which protects the environment. 

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