Friday, June 21, 2019

Party Cruisers Limited Keen on Investing in the Entrepreneurs of the Event Management Industry

21st June 2019, Mumbai: Party Cruisers Limited is the high-flying, full-fledged event management company. Since its inception in 1994, Mr. Zuzer CEO of Party Cruisers Limited and Mrs. Rachana Lucknowala Managing Director of Party Cruisers Limited has successfully topped the charts in the industry. From consummate entrepreneurs to visionaries with celluloid dreams, their success has been a fascinating dream.  They are introducing ‘The PEP Squad’ – Party Cruisers Limited Entrepreneurship Program which will be providing support and opportunity of being a business owner for the new ventures in the event and wedding management industry to spur innovations and help them address the real challenges and opportunities in the wedding industry. This will help them to set their foot in the ever growing industry.

Party Cruisers limited has taken the initiative to train and uplift entrepreneurs financially and to promote their ventures. The PEP Squad is a business opportunity for entrepreneurs who want to build their own venture in the ever-growing field of Event Management. As industry veterans, Party Cruisers ltd will provide you all the expertise and 100% support to grab all the business opportunities coming your way.

Entrepreneurs are often thought of as national assets to be refined, motivated and remunerated to the greatest possible extent. Entrepreneurs can change the way of living and working. If successful, their revolutions may improve the standard of living. The PEP squad is an initiative for individuals who want to build their entrepreneurship skills and build a leading business in the events and wedding industry. The program will help them gain the necessary experience and help them grow their business with their expertise as industry veterans.

In this program, Party Cruisers Limited will be offering brand and backup support, space and resources, financial and execution backup, marketing intelligence, industry knowledge and connect; career mapping, earning opportunities and a kick start to the entrepreneur's dream. There will be various scopes of opportunities in this industry like weddings, IP events, BTL or Activation, corporate events, Live and artist events, Next gen concept.

Equipped with the best of knowledge and experience Party Cruisers Limited brings a novel perspective to designing, planning, decorating, and servicing an incredible celebration, breaking the monotony of a conventional wedding. The entrepreneurs will be benefited in many ways. Party Cruisers Limited can create revenue-earning modules for go-getters, without any financial liabilities. They will help cut down the hurdles faced by the new ventures.

They can provide an opportunity for entrepreneurs by creating industry win-win situations for both entrepreneur and Party Cruisers Limited. They will be creating industry ready entrepreneurs in all company service segments. Party Cruisers Limited has gone on to earn tons of accolades and become a distinguished name for its work in the arenas of designer weddings, events, with an enviable list of clientele. Entrepreneurs who have a bigger vision and want to accomplish it should enroll themselves in this program for the bright future.

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