Monday, June 10, 2019

My biggest and ultimate dream is to win a Grammy - Sooraj Bishnoi

Sooraj is a singer, songwriter, instrumentalist, composer, and arranger from Mumbai, India.

Playing the keyboards since the age of one and a half, and the guitar and piano since age 9, Sooraj's musical journeys range from traditional Indian classical raags, to Mozart, to the likes of The Beatles and John Mayer.

As a vocalist, Sooraj has performed with many bands at a variety of venues, as well as singing in acoustic/solo settings, choirs, a cappella groups, and theater productions. As an instrumentalist, he plays the keyboard, acoustic piano (classical and jazz), drums, guitars, violin and various hand-percussion instruments, passing the Grade 8 keyboard practical examination of the Trinity College of London at the age of six, possibly the youngest to do so. He has also performed with several bands, as a soloist and in several ensembles and theater music groups.

In this currently vibrant crossover cultural atmosphere, new artists, new ideas get a warm welcome in Mumbai.  24 year old Sooraj Bishnoi is one of the youngest, musical talents.  A singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, composer and arranger, Sooraj brings in fresh musical notes!

After the recent success of his two music videos: Nemesis (February 2017) and City Beat (December 2018) gathered a whopping 200,000 plus views on YouTube, Sooraj released his debut 11 track album Here We Go earlier in February! In that the video City Beat received 1,00,000+ views alone in a span of two weeks.

In an interview Sooraj shares his feelings, “Here We Go is an 11-song LP that is a culmination of five years’ worth of writing and playing music. It’s my debut album, and is a snapshot of my musical journey.”

So tell us Sooraj what’s unique about your debut album?
Sooraj: “the USP of Here We Go album is its hummability, I think the USP of the album is songs that will never get out of your head. These are songs that people can hum in the street, in shower, in bus, songs that mean something to people, and make their everyday lives just a little better on listening to them.”

What are these songs about? What inspired you to write them?
Sooraj: “The themes for most of the songs in Here We Go are basically observations and experiences of life that I’ve seen along the way. But a few of them are about the whole game of love and lust. I like observing and writing about situations and the lessons I’ve learned from them. It makes me see the world in a very different way.”

What’s the plan for the future Sooraj?
The album is just released and the response is positive and my immediate future plan is touring for the album. And of course, I am going to continue to write and make new music!”

What is life’s big dreams?
“My biggest and ultimate dream is to win a Grammy. Also, I want to sing in front of an audience of ten thousand, all singing my songs along with me.”

Sooraj Bishnoi performed with a whole band setup at Above the Habitat to full house in Mumbai on 4 January 2018. And repeated a performance at Live House, Hollywood on February 1st.

Sooraj currently studies at Musician's Institute, Los Angeles, and continues to work tirelessly at making great music.

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