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GTDC backed eco-tourism start-up, B: Live launches H.O.P.E. with Abhay Deol

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Humans Of Planet Earth -H.O.P.E. is a platform which features eco-warriors

Goa, June 4th ,2019: Climate change is real, and it is increasingly impacting our lives. Occasions like ‘World Environment Day’ spark debates and dialogues on the need to take immediate steps to preserve our environment. But we need to adopt a sustainable lifestyle to bring about a real change.
GTDC backed based eco-tourism start-up B: Live which is India’s First EV Tourism Initiative, launched a community- Humans of Planet Earth (H.O.P.E.) today with, Abhay Deol.
Humans of Planet Earth (H.O.P.E.) is a social media community built by B: Live to support and celebrate green initiatives, stories and individuals. It acknowledges green-contributors striving to bring a change that’s long overdue. A community of eco warriors who are out there to facilitate nature making sure that together we co-exist.  Every time somebody makes a greener choice there is HOPE for our planet. Every time a brand or organisation opts for environment-friendly sustainability methods there is HOPE for our planet. Any and every individual who makes a greener choice is H.O.P.E.

Mr. Gavin Dias GM –GTDC, speaking about H.O.P.E said “I am glad that Goa Tourism Development Corporation  backed  eco-tourism initiative, B:Live is launching this wonderful  community project Humans of Planet Earth (H.O.P.E.) on  the occasion of World Environment Day. Goa Tourism is very committed towards environment protection and the B:live  battery operated cycle initiative which is an eco tourism initiative has received an overwhelming response since its launch in Goa. B:Live E bike tours saves 900 gms of Carbon dioxide per rider . In the last five months doing over 1200 tours this initiative has saved over 1 ton of carbon dioxide   from getting emitted in the goan atmosphere. This is how we are driving sustainable tourism. Today protection of environment has to b a joint endeavour especially in the tourism sector where not only governments but tourism stakeholders , locals and tourists, all collaborate towards keeping Mother Earth clean and green and ensuring the protection of every tourism locale in a responsible and positive approach. We are optimistic that H.O.P.E will bring about a huge sea change for a better tomorrow.”

Talking about his association with H.O.P.E., Abhay Deol said, “When I came across B: Live, a venture that combines green sensibility with fun and eco-friendly like EV tourism, I wanted to be part of this!  Their initiative of H.O.P.E, Humans of Planet Earth, has my admiration and support as I have consciously become more and more active wherever I'm able to encourage such causes. Being part of  H.O.P.E, I hope to practice what I preach. From divesting in companies that pollute, to fitting my house with green technologies – solar power, composting, rain water harvesting, growing my own vegetables, I continue to search for other such green technologies and encourage others to do the same wherever they can. It’s  our choices today that will affect our environment and our lives tomorrow. More power to such initiatives and I’m proud to be asked by B:Live to be the first human of H.O.P. E !

Elaborating on why Abhay was the first choice for the campaign, Samarth Kholkar, CEO & Founder, B: Livesaid, “Like the unique choice of roles which helped him carve a niche cinematic path, Abhay Deol, is a fierce eco warrior proving that in his personal life too, he takes on edgy and unusual roles with success.  Abhay certainly walks the talk, living each day on earth responsibly and fully tuned into nature. With his strong belief that even a simple act of segregating wet and dry garbage, opting for e-books, e- bills and e-Bikes  is one step closer to a world which can start to reverse the damage inflicted upon it. As our first H.O.P.E, we are proud to have him lead the way and create a path towards a greener future and a cleaner way of life.”

Adding about the campaign, Sandeep Mukherjee, COO & Co-Founder, B: Live said, “Humans of Planet Earth is a forum for individuals, organisations or brands, in short every initiative that inspires hope and evokes a narrative worth bringing to the forefront. Through H.O.P.E., we aim to create, attract and celebrate a community of eco warriors who cherish this planet and take the responsibility to preserve it.”

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