Friday, May 31, 2019


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Top celebrity Sushant Singh Rajput chosen to be the face of the brand

Mumbai, May 2019: With a rich heritage of over 40 years, Graviera from GBTL Ltd., is a pioneer in the ready-to-stitch, over-the-counter Fabric Industry - with top celebrity Sushant Singh Rajput as their brand ambassador. A popular brand in our country, they provide pro-fashion fabrics at affordable prices.
With an elaborate and well-established PAN-India Distribution channel in place, they cater to a multitude of consumer needs via a wide and unique variety of collections.
Graviera is the kingpin in the Stretch-Fabric category for suits, blazers and trousers! Their new ‘Twist-and-Twist’ range is available in Poly-Viscose (PV) and in PV Blends which is comfort-driven and naturally wrinkle resistant. It’s an ideal fabric play for those ‘on-the-go’.

Their fabrics are created for men across a wide age group, with the aim of being value-for-money and utility-conscious buy.
Graviera fabrics are high on quality and fashion quotient. When worn, they also make one feel ambitious and confident - enough to achieve whatever he/she sets his/her mind to do - be it personally or professionally. The product itself is made for extra comfort – be it office wear, casual occasions or for festivals.
Being a youth-oriented brand, there is a strong advantage of coming from the reputable House of Donear Industries Ltd., with a competitive price-point in an organized market. Thus, the brand offerings are of superior quality at enviable prices – it is a win-win situation for the consumers.

Excited about their ‘Twist and Twist’ collection, Mr. S Krishnamoorthy, Managing Director, GBTL said “It is an absolute delight to see our brand Graviera being accepted and loved by the consumers. Our latest ‘Twist and Twist’ collection revolving around the fabrics’ high-stretch quality is a perfect fusion of style and efficacy. The collection amalgamates trendy designs and patterns heralding comfort. We, at Graviera, believe in providing the best-quality products to our consumers, and the wonderful response that we have received since the inception is a testament to the stupendous work being done by the brand. Further impetus to this brand recall comes from associating with a youth icon – our brand ambassador, Sushant Singh Rajput”.

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