Friday, May 10, 2019

Batman of Comedy introduces a unique card game "SPILL IT" to make your next house party a funny affair

Back in the days before the internet and smartphones, you spent many a Sunday afternoon playing cards and board games with the rest of the family. Batman of Comedy - Adnan Nalwala launched Spill It’, a unique card game that gives you insights into the lives of your near, dear and not-so-dear ones!
SPILL IT has a series of hypothetical questions relating to love, life, philosophy, finance that stimulates the mind.  Ask any question and see what answers are confessed. There are no right or wrong answers – there are hilarious “I can’t believe you said that” responses, or shocking “that’s creepy” revelations. Use them to get to know new people or discover new faces of your friends. A great game to carry with you to game nights, house parties, family vacations and even first dates (if you’re feeling adventurous).
Perfect as an ice-breaker, play this game to have an exhilarating and engaging experience with family and friends and you won’t even get bored of. 

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