Thursday, March 7, 2019

Why Rannvijay Singh thinks Live ka Idea Best Hai?

Catch him live on Instagram @rannvijaysingha on 6th March as he leads a
Live Tribe to raise awareness about Road Safety

Mumbai, 5th March 2019: Rannvijay Singh Singha, the reality show winner, VJ, host and judge, is known for his disciplined adventures in all that he sets upon. The popular ‘Roadie’ who has a penchant for biking and road adventure is also equally conscious about safety on the roads. He is particularly peeved about people talking on mobile phones while driving or riding. Taking the cause of Road Safety further, Rannvijay is now ready to set out on social media to rally people for the cause.

Inspired by the Idea campaign, #IndiaKaLiveNetwork’, Rannvijay will use the power of Idea 4G to mobilise a ‘Live Tribe’of his fans and followers on Instagram @rannvijaysingha on 6th March ’19 at 7:00 pm.

The campaign begins on Idea’s facebook page @idea where the brand has announced a new movement for change following the #IndiaKaLiveNetwork campaign. The movement urges citizens to use “Live video” as a tool to change behavior of fellow Indians.  The movement will be kickstarted by Ranvijay Singh and will inspire people to become a part of the “Live Tribe”.  As one of the captains of the tribe, Ranvijay will urge them to start using Idea 4G to capture live instances of irresponsible behaviour, so as to bring about a positive change in the people and hence the nation.

Over the years, brand Idea has built a strong reputation of creating purposeful, conscientious campaigns that encourage change for the betterment of the society. Continuing with the theme, the new #IndiaKaLiveNetwork campaign highlights the power of streaming LIVE videos over Idea’s robust 4G network thereby driving a positive change in behaviour among citizens.
To watch how Ranvijay will use Idea 4G – India ka Live Network to reach out to his audience and get them to join his Live Tribe, log on to Instagram and facebook.

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