Tuesday, February 5, 2019


~ Red Bull FMX jam Mumbai makes flying motorbikes a reality in front of Gateway of India
~ Red Bull FMX athletes Robbie Maddison, Alexey Kolesnikov and Tom Pages along with 3 other off-road biking legends turned into superman in front of the Gateway of India at Red Bull FMX Jam Mumbai
~ Engines revving, ramps primed and rubber burning… Gateway of India forms the perfect backdrop for Red Bull

2nd February 2019, Mumbai: What’s the best way to do a handstand? On a bike while flying through the air, in front of the Gateway of India. Mumbaikars witnessed for the first time ever world renowned freestyle motocross Red Bull athletes Robbie Maddison, Alexey Kolesnikov and Tom Pages along with Martin Koren, Radek Bilek & Julien Vanstippen  showcase high octane biking skills at Red Bull FMX Jam at the iconic Gateway of India today.

Famous for being the stunt double for Vin Diesel in xXx: Return of Xander Cage and Daniel Craig’s in Skyfall, Robbie Maddison enthralled the Indian audience with his acrobatic disbelief. He recently jumped a 10-storey replica of the Arc de Triomph in Las Vegas. Joining this world record breaker are Red Bull X-Fighters World Tour Champion, Tom Pagès from France and Alexei Kolesnikov, the first rider to have landed a back flip in Russia. Along with the three Red Bull Athletes, international riders like Martin Koren, Radek Bilek and Julien Vanstippen were seen showcasing high octane biking skills at the Red Bull FMX Jam.
Alexey Kolesnikov, Red Bull athlete said, “Such a great experience for me to perform at Red Bull FMX Jam Mumbai show at the iconic Gateway of India. I hope we put out a special show for the enthusiastic Mumbaikars there. Would like to thank Red Bull for giving me this fantastic opportunity.”

Red Bull athlete, Tom Pages said, “I really enjoyed my first visit to India. Mumbai city is so vibrant and I am so happy with all the support and encouragement I’ve received from Red Bull.”
Veteran Red Bull athlete Robbie Maddison, “As a motocross rider who has been doing this for fifteen years, I have had my fair share of injuries and near fatal accidents. But nothing has ever stopped me from doing this. I will continue to ride. It was exciting to see so many fans in Mumbai and perform for the enthusiastic crowd at the Red Bull FMX Jam along with all the other amazing athletes.”   
Maharashtra Tourism Development Corporation aims to position Maharashtra as an emerging destination for hosting various national and international events such as these. MTDC is supported Red Bull FMX Jam to encourage adventure sports activities in the state and position it as a leading destination to host international events.

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