Saturday, November 17, 2018

Goa Tourism launches India’s first Electric Vehicle Tourism Initiative

 Panjim, November 16th, 2018:  The Hon’ble Minister for Tourism, Mr. Manohar Ajgaonkar  and Hon’ble Chairman  of GTDC ,Mr. Dayanand Sopte today launched  India’s first electric vehicle tourism  initiative at the  Paryatan Bhavan, Panjim.  Present  at the event  included Board of Directors of GTDC,  officials  from the Department  of Tourism & GTDC and  other dignitaries.

The ‘Electric Vehicle’ (EV) tourism initiative of Goa Tourism  Development  Corporation through B: Livein partnership with Arcis Tours Pvt Ltd is    a significant step towards sustainable tourism giving tourists an all new medium to explore and experience  Goa in an eco-friendly and   trendy style.

Mr.  Manohar Azgaonkar, the Hon’ble Minister for Tourism, Govt.  of Goa said, “We are proud to announce the launch of India’s first Electric Vehicle tour initiative, B: Live with Arcis Tours Pvt Ltd. Sustainable tourism is the core of our efforts and we are happy to take the lead in creating the EV ecosystem in India, setting an example for the others. We encourage and support technologies and enterprises which bring about a positive environmental change. Goa spearheads several ecotourism initiatives in the country and our association with Arcis Tours Pvt Ltd. is another step towards achieving our sustainability goals. More often than not, you find initiatives that have a strong intent but rarely do they help empower locals and improve community engagement. EV tours offered by B: Live directly involve the local communities, making the association more meaningful for them.”

Mr. Dayanand Sopte, Chairman, Goa Tourism Development Corporation Limited (GTDC) said,We are glad to partner with Arcis Tours Pvt Ltd to launch India’s first Electric Vehicle (EV) tourism initiative, B: Live. Understanding the risks of vehicle emissions and their contribution to air pollution in Goa, the introduction of EV tourism will help reduce our carbon footprint. It’s a revolutionary initiative that provides a clean mode of commute while offering an immersive travel experience. It will help empower our local communities and create a greener tomorrow for everyone around us.” 

Arcis Tours Pvt Ltd is the pioneer of ‘Electric Vehicle Tourism’ in India and has partnered with GTDC to build the country’s first EV Tourism ecosystem. B: Live, offers the joy of effortless riding on E-bikes while exploring the local culture, history and heritage of Goa.   These E-bikes are equipped with state-of-the-art features like GPS trackers, battery powered motor for speeds up to 25kmph and electronic disc brakes for enhanced safety.  The tourists and locals can now explore Goa in a clean and non-polluting way. 
 “We are grateful for the support offered by GTDC to launch B: Live. Pollution and congestion caused by tourist vehicles have been a concern in Goa and there is a need to introduce sustainable tourism practices which are easy to emulate. Through B: Live, we aim to encourage people to adopt a cleaner way of commute while helping them discover authentic local experiences. Each experiential tour offered by B: Live engages the local communities and allows tourists to soak in the milieu of authentic Goan culture,” said Samarth KholkarCEO & Co-Founder, Arcis Tours Pvt Ltd.

Emphasizing on the technology aspect of the service, Sandeep Mukherjee, COO & Co-Founder,Arcis Tours Pvt Ltd. said, “What makes B: Live unique is the smart use of technology. The allows the guests to seamlessly book the tours using digital currency. A web app provides real-time tour related info to the riders. The E-bikes are state of the art delivering 50 km range per charge with digital screens for multi info display and electronic disc brakes for safety. The E-bikes come with an accelerator and pedal assist mode for effortless riding. Our command center monitors the riders through GPS trackers embedded on the bikes. This makes B:Live not only the cleanest but also the smartest tour in the country.
Salient features:
      E Hubs made of recycled shipping containers serve as charging points and tourist community centers. These are solar powered, eco friendly, smart hubs which offers Free Wi-Fi, tourist services and an insider guide to Goa.
      Smart & digitally connected electric cycles have been deployed for the tours and rental purpose at major tourist destinations ensuring the safety of the passenger.
      Curated experiential tours which provide an authentic and immersive experience of Goa with the help of a local tour buddy.
      Connect with B:LIVE– log on to Mail at , call at 8669600373

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