Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Mortein launches ‘‘2-in-1 insect killer’ with 100% KILL GUARANTEE on dengue and zika causing mosquitoes and diarrhoea causing cockroaches

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India, 22 October 2018: In a bid to provide its consumers with a revolutionary product to tackle the growing disease threat, Mortein- one of the leading players in pest control category, today launched ‘2-in-1 insect killer’ spray with 100% Kill guarantee on both mosquitoes and cockroaches. Mortein 2-in-1 insect killer has India’s first triple active formula that kills both mosquitoes and cockroaches with 100% kill guarantee.
Mosquitoes and cockroach are a real threat that hide in difficult to reach places inside the home. Even one cockroach can cause severe diseases like Diarrhoea, upset stomach and typhoid etc-one of the key reasons for kids to miss school.

The threat is even higher when it comes to mosquitoes. Just one mosquito- Aedes Aegypti can transmit multiple deadly diseases like Dengue, Chikungunya, and Zika. In 2017, close to 1.5 Lakh Dengue cases were reported in India. Similarly, Anopheles mosquito is responsible for spread of Malaria leading to 8.4 Lakh reported cases in 2017.
Mortein “2-in-1 insect killer” spray has India’s first triple active formula that guarantees 100% kill against both deadly mosquitoes and cockroaches. It’s unique dual nozzle reaches hidden corners of the house to kill both mosquitoes and cockroaches. The aerosol can be sprayed in two different positions of nozzle (downside for direct spray on mosquitoes and upright for easy reach spray on cockroaches) to effectively kill mosquitoes and cockroach.

On the announcement, Sukhleen Aneja, CMO, Marketing Director, South Asia RB Hygiene Home said, “According to an independent study, 70% of Indian households have both mosquitoes and cockroaches. This raises an alarm for the need of an effective solution that ensures complete protection for the family. Mortein Aerosol ‘2-in-1’ is India’s first aerosol with triple active formulation that provides 100% kill guarantee on cockroach and mosquitoes. We have put in close to a decade of research and development to bring this breakthrough triple active formula to market. Through such effective solution, we aim to create a trajectory that will help consumers effectively get rid of this menace that infects their homes.

Mortein Aerosol ‘2-in-1‘, is available in 250ml and 425ml sizes at INR 94 and INR 176 respectively and can be purchased from any grocery stores departmental stores, pharmacists and leading e-commerce websites. It comes with a pleasant lime fragrance unlike many aerosols that usually have a pungent and chemical smell.

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