Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Pennline Quiknote helps you organize your workday!

From William Penn, the preferred destination for top-of-the-line writing instruments and premium business accessories, come another nifty “must-have”: Pennline ‘Quiknote’. This handy little organizer allows you to segment and slots your business or personal meetings (and reference notes) into easily accessible sections comprising of two separate Quikfills & utility pouches. No more fidgeting with an unwieldy diary: you have a product with an elegant Brown or Black outer leatherette cover and 2 books (plain and ruled) along with a colorful extra book as an inaugural offer.
We make notes while on the telephone, or on slips of paper, as we rush between the business meeting and try to catch up with office deadlines and urgent personal work. We jot down items on sheets of paper, having to fish for them later. The Quiknote lets you pull out individual booklets so as to compartmentalize your workday efficiently.
A total of 5 types of Quikfills (Plain, Ruled, Dot-grid, Graph and Colourful) form the options of Pennline Quiknote: each having a differently colored outer cover. The complete kit fits into a well-designed outer packaging box with a Belly Band wrapped around it and a Promotional Sticker too. The 3rd colorful book has an insert announcing: Register online with us using your coupon code and wins a free pack of two Quikfills (Dot grid or graph)”; which will be posted to you. The Belly Band will give all the information and specifications and a specific QR code to help you land at the Quiknote web page to make purchases.
Buy and register now for this thoughtfully-designed Quiknote!
Price Range – Rs. 995/-

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