Friday, July 27, 2018

Review '31 divas' ***

Rating   ***

It shows journey of a young aspiring director who sees many ups and downs till he attains success. Not a rags to riches story but the story of  struggle to success. The moral of the film is that one must accept one's shortcomings and move ahead without which it is difficult to be a successful person.  Overall it is an entertaining and emotional story that makes it lovable to watch. 
Makrand (Shashank Ketkar), an ambitious guy  falls in love with Mugdha (Mayuri Deshmukh) and they get married after which Makrand feels pressure to do a job that he used to avoid before marriage. Makrand decides to do petty jobs in TV industry while keeping his dream of being a director alive. By stroke of luck, he gets a chance to become a TV series director and after that he sails fast towards his goal of becoming an established director. He is hired as a director for a film by the producer he had met in his struggling days. Though Makrand keeps balance between his personal and professional life but his focus is all on his profession. Life seems perfect until an accident that renders him blind and changes his life. His film gets stalled and on personal front he struggles to accept his blindness. But his passion to succeed keeps him going and he transforms himself. And he has to get help from Mira (Reena Aggarwal), a blind girl who loved him once. 
Though the film becomes more of run-of-the-mill nearing the end yet it retains its grab on the audience. There are few songs that includes an item number. With good performances and right amount of emotions all over, the film is worth watching.

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