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Upcoming events in Singapore

Events in Singapore (April, May and June)

World Gourmet Summit
2nd April to 29th April

World Gourmet Summit is a celebration of fine cuisine, excellent wines and wonderful dining experiences. It is Southeast Asia’s premier haute cuisine festival, where one gets to enjoy back-to-back epicurean experiences, from vintner dinners to themed and celebrity meals.

One can step into some of the most celebrated restaurants in Singapore such as the likes of Bacchanalia Singapore, Hua Ting Restaurant, Gattopardo Ristorante Di Mare, Majestic Restaurant and Tippling Club for special menus as well as collaborations between Singaporean chefs and other culinary icons from around the world.

Wine enthusiasts can also opt for the specially designed wine tasting sessions; where one get to sample prized pours of winemakers from top wine-producing regions such as Bordeaux, Burgundy and Tuscany.

Besides the feasting, serious foodies can also listen in on gastronomic talks with world-renowned Michelin-star chefs or pitch in at hands-on cooking workshops.

Singapore International Festival of Arts
26th April to 12th May

The Singapore Arts Festival was started in 1977 as a national arts festival to celebrate local arts from across the country’s diverse communities. For a whole month, Singapore celebrates the arts with a smorgasbord of theatre, dance and music performances.

Organized and managed independently by the Arts House Limited, the festival brings together the best of local and international artists in the form of quality works in theatre, dance and music, and aims to inspire diverse audiences through great artistic experiences.

The Great Singapore Sale
June – August

It is a big event for bargain-hunting locals and tourists. Known to Singaporeans as the GSS, this annual sale season is a true highlight for any shopaholic worth their salt. During the sale, retailers here offer steep discounts, sometimes up to 70 per cent off their original prices. One gets to find great deals on just about everything, from fashion to jewellery, electronics to toys, even spa treatments, hotel stays, F&B and visits to local attractions for a total lifestyle experience.

Over the years, the scale of the Great Singapore Sale has grown tremendously. The entire island is transformed into a shopping paradise, as even shops in the suburban areas join in.

Dragon Boat Festival
18th June

In Singapore, a festive atmosphere rules as participants pull furiously on their oars, leaders beat their drums, flags are waved and spectators cheer on their favourite teams  
Thumping drumbeats and delicious dumplings are the exciting ingredients that make the Dragon Boat Festival a sizzler of a festival in Singapore.

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