Tuesday, March 20, 2018

MSCDA Collaborates with Medipta Solutions as a Technology Partner in Maharashtra

Mumbai, 19 March 2018: The Maharashtra State Chemists & Druggists Association (MSCDA) & Medipta a medical services aggregator announced their collaboration in the city today. The MSCDA is encouraging & assisting the drug trade industry to promote the development of pharmaceutical sector. Medipta is India’s first such innovative app which connects patients, Doctors, Diagnostic labs and Chemists and every entity in healthcare industry.

Minister of State Food & Drug Administration Mr. Madan Yerawar officially launched Medipta in Mumbai today. Mr. Jagannath Shinde President of MSCDA was present during the moment & announced Medipta as a Technology Partner for all Chemists and Druggists around Maharashtra. While addressing media he said, ‘MSCDA intends to channelize the entire pharma logistics into organized manner which will minimize wastage, optimize operating cost and working capital. In collaboration with Medipta all chemists & druggists will become as organized force to strengthen present pharmacy retail chain. Through Medipta they will get opportunity to increase business by connecting people in the same field.’ Online drug supply system is a major threat to all Retailers, Distributors & all allied Medical Services. Medipta will be aggregating all retailers to reach patients in 20 minutes over digital prescription and delivery management software, he added.

Through this collaboration, not only Stockists can supply medicines to chemists as per necessity, but Chemists/Pharmacists can also supply medicines to patients, doctors & maintain records of prescription. Chemists & Druggists can get advantage of stock inventory information on this app. Chemists can get reminder if medicines not delivered to patients on time.  One app for 16 entities covering over 150 features in just 15mb space makes Medipta innovative. Another major benefits of Medipta app are –

·         Patients in need of any kind of medical guidance or treatment right from medicine reminder system with a pregnancy app too.
·         Doctors/ Hospitals/ Clinics can get access to patients information and guide them accordingly
·         Test labs/radiologist/diagnostic centres can provide lab tests and diagnostic facilities to patients and upload reports online 
·         All the allied medical services like Labs, Blood Bank, PHCs, Ambulance and Insurance also can be availed through this platform.  

Mr. Rahul Bojalwar, Founder and CEO of Medipta said, “Medipta Solutions is a health care hub where anyone can come for e- health services. It’s the only app in India which connects every entity on one platform. It is connecting people with health experts to live a healthy life. By creating and perfecting a comprehensive healthcare platform we are setting up a new era in Healthcare. One important aspect of this app is its absolutely free for patients, doctors, ambulance and blood bank.’’
For more details please visit – www.medipta.com

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