Thursday, January 11, 2018

Review DR. TATYA LAHANE ****

Such films are needed in this time to serve as an inspiration for the younger generation and rid the society of corruption by showing them the great examples of honesty, hard work and perseverance. The film stands strong in terms of content that has been kept original to great extent without any fictionalization. Born in a small village of Makhegaon in Latur district, Dr. Tatya Lahane belonged to a poor family. As a child, Tatya saw the sufferings of his family and that instilled in him fire to study and work hard. He became a doctor and earned a good name in society for himself and his family. All the financial sufferings of his family vanished and he got married happily.  But life is not a bed of roses and Dr. Tatya, who worked hard selflessly to treat maximum number of people suffered kidney failure and life went for a toss. But his mother gave him rebirth by offering one kidney to him. Dr. Tatya got inspired to serve poor people by reaching them rather than waiting for the poor patients to come to him. As an ophthalmologist he did lakhs of cataract surgeries and so bring happiness in their lives.
The director  has done a great job by treating the subject as a biopic in real sense without putting fake elements or characters to add zing to it. Even the names of the characters have been kept real. The biggest support for Dr. Tatya came from Dr. Ragini Parekh who shunned her private medical practice for his good work and even lend support to him in treating the people without any regards for money. The film hails family values and unity. In one scene, the family values and love are seen at the peak when many family members argue with each other as they want to donate their own kidney to Dr. Tatya. The menace of corruption has been dealt in a smart way in the film and a lesson is given that corruption should be avoided at any cost and service of mankind should be done.
Actor Makrand Anaspure has beautifully played the adult role of Dr. Tatya Lahane and has done justice to the living legend Dr. Tatya Lahane. In the role of Dr. Tatya who works for 18-20 hours while maintaining a smile on the face, Makrand Anaspure has done justice. Even his witty one liners at times are a fun. There are some inspirational songs with meaningful words that hail honesty and goodness. Somehow the film is a take on the sufferings of the poor people who have less facilities and less chances to progress but the only thing that can make them progress is the education and perseverance. The journey of Dr. Tatya from a  poor intelligent boy to an eye surgeon is full of ups and downs. He didn't shy to earn while studying and did petty jobs.

The film is sure to grab the hearts of people especially children as it teaches that hard work and education can make a person successful beyond the expectations. In between there are over emotional moments that seem exaggerated but the story keeps going and avoids boredom. Current time doctors need to learn from Dr. Tatya Lahane and give up their lust for money. One can earn money as a doctor but the respect one earns by social service like Dr. Tatya Lahane is outcome of hard work and honesty and these things can't be earned. Padamshree Dr. Tatya is still working for the betterment of people by treating them free and holding camps for eye treatment. Even this film's makers have decided to invest the profits of the film in setting up of two charity hospitals, one in Aurangabad and one in Mumbai. 

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