Thursday, August 24, 2017

Sandeep Mohan’s latest feature film Shreelancer

Star cast of Film Shreelancer – Director Sandeep Mohan, Actor Arjun Radhakrishnan, Actress Monica Mahendru and Cinematographer Subhash Maskara along with the trio of British pop singer Andrew Sloman, UK singer songwriter Natalie Matos and the former Mumbai based music producer Vivek Philip was seen performing live to celebrate the release of Sandeep Mohan’s latest feature film Shreelancer at The Habitat, The UniContinental Hotel, Khar West, Mumbai.

The film score for Shreelancer is composed by Vivek and features two of the songs from Natalie’s latest album, eXhale and five songs of Andrew Sloman. The song lyrics offer strong, emotive, uplifting words that speak of a desire to access our own inner wisdom and to follow our passion. A sentiment perfect for inclusion in Shreelancer, which offers a contemporary take on the life of a freelance copywriter named Shree who lives in Bangalore.

Based on the story of a freelancer, the feature film is an adaptation of the people who are self-employed and hit the screens today, 18th August. The film is produced by Giju John – Tiranga Productions Pvt. Ltd. and Sandeep Mohan.

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