Tuesday, April 11, 2017

What could be more interesting than how the mind works?

 Says Umesh Pherwani

Pre launch of Umesh Pherwani's book- The Mind Switch


The brain is Umesh Pherwani's playground! Standup comedian and Mind Expert Umesh Pherwani hosted an evening & engaged the audience in an evening filled with funny instances and techniques. Infact Umesh with his talent & experience propelled the audience to evaluate their thinking & perceive the world around them. 

"In Order To Find Out How Things Really Are One Must Understand The Filters Through Which One Perceives The World" says Umesh Pherwaniwho also pre launched his book- The Mind Switch further adding "Most of our knowledge about the outside world is based upon one's empirical observations. The main filters influencing one's knowledge about the world are empirical observations, emotions, common knowledge imposed by communities and authorities, introspection and empathy, previous experiences, and language. Almost all areas of knowledge are influenced by one or more filters; and as all filters sum up they can alter the results from the true essence of reasons behind events" 

Besides wooing the audience with his energy & charm, the evening witnessed the Pre Launch of his book - The Mind Switch "My book is all about filters influencing empirical observations are closely related with emotions. If one is in a bad mood, the world around them seems to be grey and sad while when being happy, people see sunshine and colors more brightly. Thus, psychological state influences one's impressions of the world and can alter one's understanding of how things really are"

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