Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Lakshmi Vilas Bank views on 'Demonetisation of Indian Currency

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Lakshmi Vilas Bank strongly supports the Government’s move towards removing the black money from the country as we believe it will lead towards transformation of financial system of the country and will bring an overall development of the nation. After a short period of some pain when the economy adjusts to the sudden withdrawal of cash, we expect a much stronger economy.

As a bank committed to supporting all key initiatives of the Government, we at Lakshmi Vilas Bank have made arrangements to meet this situation and offer convenience to our valued customers. All our branches and employees are extending their full support in helping and getting their transactions done.

With additional staff in place and working in extended business hours, we are ensuring smooth functioning of the bank to the best of our abilities to support our customers.

Additional cash counters have been set up by deploying staff from Corporate Office/Regional Offices and other amenities are provided to make the public more comfortable.

Demonetisation will offer a great opportunity to transition to a “plastic economy”. To support this, the bank is educating the ways of transacting and the benefits of cashless transactions through debit and credit cards, as well as its electronic channels of internet and mobile banking.

Our branches will be equipped with additional cash counters as and when needed to manage heightened footfall of customers. We have been able to ensure that all our ATMs are in a functional condition and we are operating them whenever we receive cash.

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