Sunday, August 7, 2016

Join Chef Vicky Ratani on his Culinary Adventure in Sydney

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Chef Vicky Ratnani will take the viewers of Living Foodz on a fun-filled culinary trip to Sydney in the upcoming episode of Taste Down Under. He explores the vibrant food community in Sydney- from the abundant seafood to the local fresh produce right from the farm!
Chef Vicky also joins hands with renowned celebrity food author, Christine Manfield to pick out the fresh local produce at the Sydney’s farmers market. Commenting on his culinary experiences in Sydney, he says, “Exploring the local cuisine of a destination is essential to get an authentic travel and cultural experience. On Taste Down Under, I have experimented with locally inspired dishes such as the Smoked Mackrel Salad- a dish inspired by the fresh and organic produce that I came across at Carriage Works- Sydney’s largest farmers market.”
In the episode, Chef Vicky attends a fish catch auction at the popular Sydney Fish market- a one stop destination for most Chefs in the city. Among the exotic crustaceans, he discovers his favourite Mumbaiyya fish – the ‘Surmai’, or the ‘Bluefish’, as the Australians call it. He rustles up a grilled tuna, with a delicious mango and seaweed salad, right at the wharf! Chef Vicky also enjoys his experience at a Bangladeshi restaurant, aptly called ‘Bang Street Food’ with Chef Tapos Singha.
“I had a wonderful time travelling to Australia and experiencing the vibrant food scene in the country. Home to myriad cultures, it's gastronomical offerings are also a mix of flavours and styles. I got the opportunity to meet one of my favourite Chef’s, Tetsuya Wakuda and prepare an exquisite scallop salad at his restaurant. Chef Tetsuya also narrated a fascinating story about how he created the most photographed dish in culinary history- The Confit of Ocean Trout. I look forward to sharing this incredible journey with the viewers”, Chef Vicky adds.
Food lovers and travel enthusiasts can join Chef Vicky on his fun-filled Australian adventure, every Monday and Tuesday at 10:00 p.m. on Living Foodz, with repeat telecasts on Saturday & Sunday at 4:00 p.m.  
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