Monday, March 14, 2016

Behind every healthy diabetic is a woman

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- A research by Apollo Sugar shows that over 99% of male diabetics were found to be taking their medicines on time, with the support of the woman in their lives/ families

Mumbai, 13th March, 2016: A study conducted by Apollo Sugar- an innovative, single-specialty diabetes and endocrine healthcare provider suggested that- men are able to manage diabetes better when supported by a woman. For instance, the following activities were undertaken with ease due to the influence of a woman caregiver-

  • 99% of male diabetics were found to be taking their medicines on time
  • 94% of men who were diabetic followed a prescribed diet pattern
  • On an average, 76% of male diabetics, with the support of compassionate women were found to be monitoring their glucose levels on time
  • Adherence to exercise was found in 68% of diabetic males, coordinating with a compassionate woman family member
To stress on the advantages of women being aware about diabetes management and increase awareness on preventive factors, Apollo Sugar organized a 2K Marathon on 13th March in Mumbai.  The marathon was flagged off by Deputy Commissioner of Police, Vikram Deshmane and Dr. Sanjeev Shah, Diabetologist at Apollo Sugar, Kandivali Clinic at 7 am. This marathon saw an attendance of over 150 enthusiastic women, who help the men in their families manage diabetes on a day-to-day basis.

Speaking on the occasion, Dr. Sanjeev Shah, Consultant Diabetologist & Endocrinologist at Apollo Sugar said, “Apollo Sugar endeavours to equip common man with all that is required – information, diagnosis, care & holistic management - to fight this epidemic. This initiative has been organized to encourage women to introduce their families to a healthy lifestyle so as to help prevent and manage diabetes better. Most women are concerned about the health of their loved ones, than they are about their own. Through the initiative, Apollo Sugar encourages women to lace up along with the diabetics in their families and focus on leading a healthy life.”   

Also commenting on the occasion, Deputy Commissioner of Police, Vikram Deshmane said, “It is essential to raise awareness and take concrete steps to combat this issue. Women have the power to change the world around them. There is nothing that they cannot achieve when they put their mind and soul to it- this applies to the homefront as well, where an aware and dedicated woman caregiver can ensure a healthy disease-free family. It is encouraging to see so many women come forward to take charge and drive this message. This initiative by Apollo Sugar helps lay stress on the critical role that women play in steering their families towards a happy and healthy future.”

About Apollo Sugar:
Apollo Sugar, Apollo Hospital Group’s flagship chain of innovative single speciality clinics in collaboration with Sanofi, is committed solely to providing world class care for diabetics in India. Apollo Sugar was formally announced on September 30th 2014, by the group. It envisages to be a nationwide movement and one that brings together the government, industry, doctors and consumers in joining hands in the crusade against diabetes. Today, Apollo Sugar has brought in technological advancement by investing in the best-in-class equipment to cater to diagnosing and better managing diabetes and related complications. As an integral part of the Apollo Group that has a thirty years’ legacy of progressing healthcare in India, Apollo Sugar makes unrelenting efforts to transform lives through treatment, empowerment and Tender Loving Care, a hallmark of the Group.

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