Friday, December 11, 2015

SHAREit makes headway in the Indian App Market with 100 Million users!

Competes with WhatsApp and Facebook in the country

India - Mumbai, December 10, 2015: SHAREit, the world’s preferred app for cross platform sharing, makes headway in the Indian app market with 100 million local users. Since the availability of the app in 2014, SHAREit has made adequate endeavors in improving its user experience that led to this significant achievement in the country. With active users operating the app more than five days a week, SHAREit now competes with global giants WhatsApp and Facebook in the country.

SHAREit recently topped the Tool Board of Google Play in 13 countries including India, Bangladesh, Philippines, Uzbekistan, Algeria, Oman, Egypt, South Africa, Nepal, Malaysia, Qatar, Singapore and Kuwait. In India, besides being No.1 in the Tool Board of Google Play, SHAREit surpassed YouTube to rank No.4 in the Hot App List of App Store, No.2 in the App List of Mac App Store, and No.3 in the Hot App Board of Google Play.

Commenting on SHAREit’s achievement in India, Yan Fei, CEO, SHAREit said“Given that the internet usage is still in its nascent stage and the country’s large youth population, we see a huge opportunity in the Indian market. We believe the features of SHAREit are compatible with the Indian users offering them an efficient, safer and more reliable transmission sans the use of the internet. We have managed to reach this remarkable feat by constantly upgrading the user experience and further aim to make SHAREit the most valuable data platform in the overseas emerging market.”

With 400 million registered users worldwide and an Indian user base larger than 100 million, SHAREit has now become the leader of Near Field Communication (NFC). With SHAREit, users no longer need to worry about issues such as violation of privacy, loss of information and can transfer files across different devices including Windows phones, Mac and on different operating systems such as Windows, iOS and Android. The efficient and safe experience of NFC and barrier-free file transmission across different platforms has made SHAREit the most valuable data traffic platform in the world’s emerging market.

With the rapidly increasing number of users in India, SHAREit is planning to create different versions of the app with the local languages to reach a larger consumer base. SHAREit is currently available only in Chinese and English.

About SHAREit:
Since its launch in 2012, SHAREit has emerged to become the representative APP of cross platform sharing in China, stepping into the first level in the global APP list. As the most valuabledata traffic platform in the overseas emerging market, SHAREit has more than four hundred million loyal domestic and international customers, and has occupied the first place of the APP list in the overall ranking in many countries, currently staying in the rapidly developing situation.
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