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Weight Woes come to an end with the MyDIETist App

Weight woes come to an end with MyDietist
India’s supreme fitness App to make fat –fit and fit-fitter

India’s first comprehensive diet app, nutrition log and exercise tracker specially tailor made to the Indian diaspora and its needs, MyDIETist’s a unique supreme fitness solution that serves as your best confidant while making your diet resolutions (whether they be weight gain / weight loss / weight maintain / wedding perspective / marathon training / fitness training) with over 2000+ dietitian prepped recipes with ingredient lists and cooking methods in tow.

The perfect virtual diet solution keeping in mind what an ‘Indian body’ needs, MyDIETist is backed by a team of expert dietitians and nutritionists who understand our body type and common weight issues that plague us, this matching your weight aspirations to the perfect dietary requirement basis its unique algorithm that provides easy to manage Global recipes that use local ingredients and are available in varied options.


A good, balanced diet is just as important as exercise when it comes to clean, healthy living. It is a proven fact that without a healthy diet, the best workout program in the world will get you minimal results. The problem is most people don’t know where to start. Should you do paleo, low-carb, or vegetarian? Should you repeat the same? Shake it up? Switch it around?

The app premise is based on 3 core pillars, namely; diet, exercise and water.

My DIETist's a unique solution that works according to one’s body type and one’s fitness goal. It ensures customization at every step, full proofing options for one to not give up easily.

As a user, one can choose from weight goals such as weight gain, weight loss and weight maintenance and set targets week wise depending on one’s schedule and relevant BMI-BMR rate.

The app provides for relevant tailor-made diet plans and options provided for each so one need not get bored easily. The app provides a one click monitoring mechanism to manage your diet. It is made in such a way to efficiently understand human behaviour, while keeping enough place for cheat meals or binging days.


First-time e-health entrepreneurs Rishit and Prachi Sanghvi are the successful husband-wife duo behind My DIETist who decided to put the app through the iron test and test it on themselves! An exemplary follower of the app, Rishit (himself) has shed over 25 kilos with a comprehensive diet regime, proving, that it totally works!
“Constant monitoring and being reminded of your goals is the key” says Rishit Sanghvi,  whilst Prachi adds, “ I understand the day to day struggles of keeping up with a regime, we try to fit in perfectly to one’s day’s schedule so that there’s no scope of giving up. We hope to make fitness and health a priority in the country and revolutionize the way Indians manage their diet (and their health) via a seamless, holistic, freemium solution that serves as a one stop shop for all your ‘weight related woes.’


Set your goal at your own pace, keeping in mind your limitations and ensure you cheat less and actually stick to your diet plan! The MyDIETist’s unique algorithm is designed to smart-decide a meal plan based on your age, weight, sex and height - helping you understand your health requirements based on your BMI and BMR cross referenced with your current fitness levels.

Further, each diet consultation, free or otherwise, is ratified and triple tested by MyDIETist’s certified team of nutritionists and diet specialists headed by Prachi Sanghvi.

Our proprietary algorithm calculates adherence basis 3 main health factors i.e. food, exercise & water intake to help you determine a feasible, time-bound and achievement driven diet plan that keeps at bat ridiculous health targets and ensures you lose weight correctly and in an healthy manner.


MyDIETist helps create your best fit diet plan that can be customized even further based on meal and dietary preferences. The user can also customize a current diet plan with options suggested by the app so as to maintain the purpose and the goal of your MyDIETist journey.

Whether you choose the freemium model or pay per package, your diet recommendation can be tailor-made each step of the way.  The app also provides for preferences based on cuisine choices (such as Indian, Jain, Eggetarian,etc) besides an array of dietitian recommended, balanced model diet plans (calcium rich diet, cleansing diet, diabetic diet, protein in vegetarian diet) that are certified and made available for users free of charge (keeping away from popular diet fads to maintain adequate nutrition for your daily intake). Around 2000 +Recipes specially curated by the team at MyDIETist provides for interesting options for one to try.

The app also provides for one on one consultations with the team as part of a premium package at economically relevant prices. It adheres to users needing special attention or users having a medical history to be taken care of.

Packages start at-
  • TRY IT @ Rs.99 for a 1 time consultation– 1 time - 1 consult
  • BELIVE IT @ Rs. 499 for 2 consultations over 1 month
  • DISCOVER IT @ Rs. 1499  for 8 consultations over a quarter
  • LIVE IT @ Rs. 4999 for unlimited consultations over 1 year

Each diet plan showcases meals and culinary subsets making sure you can easily substitute an ingredient / food product in case of allergies or other meal preferences.

You can also think of MyDIETist as your daily nutrition and exercise tracker at the click of a button. Whether you made undertake the Weight Loss / Weight Gain / Weight Maintain program, the app allows for last mile tracking of your progress to the meal level and exercise level you started with and now aim to achieve. MyDIETist’s intuitive dashboard allows you to update meal info and also monitor your workout plan on a real-time basis so that you achieve your recommended weight target (vs. ideal body weight that is redundant in today’s fast paced world). The app also allows you to set timely hourly reminders for food, water, medicine or any other requirement for your healthy lifestyle to stay on track.

In conclusion aka a Quick Read :
·         The perfect virtual diet solution keeping in mind the Indian body type with a Recipe bank of 2000+ options developed for the Indian diaspora in mind with earmarked Vegetarian, Non-vegetarian, Eggetarian and Jain options
·         Comprehensive diet solutions for weight loss / gain / maintenance/ marathon training / fitness training etc.
·         Convenience, comfort and secrecy via ‘go-to’ nature of the app
·         Synonymous with the expertise of a renowned panel of dietitians and nutrition consultants that specialize in solving lifesty​​le problems at value for money price points for trials and sustained consultations

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