Friday, November 6, 2015

The marketplace for the Media and Entertainment Industry

Mumbai,India: empower India limited has made a conscientious effort to cater to the ever-expansive an diverse Indian media and entertainment sector by launching its very own integrated online marketplace via its subsidiary EmpowerBollywood Private Limited. is an integrated online marketplace ,which is determined to take consumer interaction experience in the media and entertainment industry to its zenith potential. The pioneer projects aim to bring production houses or vendors in the industry, there is something in store for “everyone”.
This all-under-one-umbrella concept is a pioneering attempt to take the communication experience to the next level within the Media and Entertainment industry.
Having attained a market size of $19.5 bn (Rs 1,17,000 crores) , the M&E industry is expected to grow up to $ 36.49 bn ( Rs 2,18,940 Crores) by 2018 with fims, silver screen, radio, print, out of home media, music, animation, gaming, music and digital advertisement bring the major segments.
Being one of the highest grossers and fastest growing segments of the Indian economy, the sector has also attracted some lucrative foreign direct investments (FDI), to the tune  of $3897.50 million (Rs 19,197.30 crores)!! This accounts for 1.58% of the total FDI inflows for the last 15 years as per the data released by department of industrial policy and promotion (DIPP).
It is well known that though the industry uses the state if the art technology, its resources are scatters thereby resulting in inefficiencies and escalating costs. aims to smoothen such bottlenecks and facilitate channelizing the resources in the right direction.
The website would address the needs of performance/talent, production houses, service providers and general consumers by letting them interconnect through a common platform. Here’s a list how everybody gets to gain:
·         The performers can showcase their skills at a global level through channelized distribution to gain recognition, feedback, fan-following and opportunities.
·         The Production House will now have easy access to talented artists and performers. Thus saving themselves valuable time, money and efforts in search of one. They can also source equipment and other requirements through verified vendors at competitive rates in a transparent manner.
·         The service providers will be able to bid for contract fro various production houses through thereby ensuring that goods and service can be offered directly to the clients, without going through unnecessary lobbying and bribery channels.
·         General consumers can now view and enjoy unexplored performances of an upcoming talent, give opinions and share feedback, get Bollywood updates, news, etc.
Amongst the new features the site contains integrated social media buttons for Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Instagram to foster improved communication with the users and direct connect with the audience. We will be constantly updating our content with helpful information, articles, blogs, newsletters in the News section to keep customers abreast with latest happenings.

Empower’s valuable history dates back to 2002, when the IT industry via an acquisition. From being a fringe player, Empower steadily consolidated its position to become a mainstream performer in the industry. With over three decades of experience, Empower constantly adopts new technology to widen its product range. Empower has constantly evaluated various sectors to invest some of the company’s capital in a way that optimizes its strengths and results in long term value creation for its shareholders. Its current initiative of launching this web portal , portrays its future vision of serving the Bollywood industry at large.

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