Monday, November 23, 2015

Pinkathon– powered by Women Horlicks Empowering Indian Women trains women to participate in the run along with their babies

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Mumbai, November 22, 2015SBI Pinkathon powered by Women Horlicks Empowering Indian Women conducted training session for women to participate with their babies at Heritage Garden, Powai in the presence of Pinkathon Founder Milind Soman. The event “Baby Wearing Walk” was held to emphasize on activity during pregnancy and post-natal period and how healthy motherhood is a necessity in today’s day and age to be torchbearers for healthy families. Most of the women who participated carried their babies in slings and harnesses, as they walked alongside Milind Soman.
Commenting on the Baby Wearing walk, Model and Founder of Pinkathon Milind Soman said,“We want to change the mind-set of new mothers and urge them to lead a healthy life and break the stereotype of woman with infants having to stay at home. Women with infants have truly forgotten how to live for themselves, only focusing on what their child wants. The walk is for urban woman to understand that it is important to take their children along with them as they carry on with their lives, unfettered as far as possible, by any shackles of motherhood.”
Baby wearing also has immense benefits to both mother and child. Carried babies are less likely to cry, are healthier, gain weight faster, have better motor skills, coordination, increased muscle tone and a better sense of balance. Carried babies fall asleep quicker and sleep for longer periods of time, become independent faster as they are more confident and less clingy, they learn more as they are not over stimulated, but calm and alert and most importantly, are happier. Baby wearing enables better communication between mother and child as the mother becomes attuned to your baby’s facial expressions and other gestures. Lactating mothers lose less bone mass by carrying with them the extra weight of their babes as it encourages weight bearing exercises. Mothers also have less to worry about while both mother and child feel secure in each other’s company.
An initiative taken by SBI Pinkathon powered by Women Horlicks to get more and more woman to adopt a fitter, more active lifestyle for themselves and their families, the walk also highlights the need for increased awareness on breast cancer.
SBI Pinkathon is India Biggest Women’s run created with the specific purpose of getting more women to adopt a fitter lifestyle for themselves and their families and to highlight the need for increased awareness about breast cancer. In the last year Pinkathon was held across 6 cities with over 50000 women participating.  Pinkathon has donated more than Rs. 45 Lacs so far towards treatment of underprivileged women with cancer and has facilitated, through various partners, free breast screenings for thousands of women.
The SBI Pinkathon powered by Women Horlicks in Mumbai is scheduled to be held on December 13, 2015. Online registrations are open at for the 3km, 5km & 10km Volini multi-category run. For 21km run drop a mail on .
About Maximus Mice & Media Solutions:
Founded by Reema Sanghavi (Managing Director)& Milind Soman (Director) in 2008. SBI Pinkathon powered by Women’s Horlicks – Empowering Indian Women, like all other Maximus event is characterized with their trademark of effective brand communication & fiery enthusiasm. Maximus has been supporting the cause since its inception and working constantly to take it to greater heights. Both Reema and Milind feel very strongly for the cause and have worked diligently to make this a national entity that resonates with the women across India.
Women’s Horlicks proudly announces its association with Pinkathon- India’s Biggest Women’s Run. In line with Pinkathon’s objective to promote health and wellness in women, Women’s Horlicks also encourages women to #RunStrong and create awareness about ‘Bone Health’ for women over 30.
As one gets older, weak bones impact a person’s ability to carry out their day to day work. This is especially true for women after 30 who experience a clear decline in strength on account of low bone density (Women may lose up to 1% of bone density every year). It is then one should take extra care and build the bone strength to help in doing more with their lives. Women’s Horlicks has 100% RDA of Calcium and Vitamin D, these are important for bone health. Women’s Horlicks helps provides bone health maintenance.
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