Friday, November 6, 2015

“Body Image For Fitocratic”

India’s leading celebrity trainer
Yasmin Karachiwala  & Fitocratic Launch
“Body Image For Fitocratic”
With Zaheer Khan, Huma Qureshi And Kiara Advani
Mumbai, 5th November, 2015: Fitocratic in association with Yasmin Karachiwala, one of India’s most respected fitness professionals, today launched the first franchise of Yasmin’s iconic Bandra gym. Named Body Image For Fitocratic, the new gym is located in the heart of the plush Kemps Corner district of South Mumbai. Ace cricketer Zaheer Khan along with actresses Huma Qureshi and Kiara Advani, were guests of honour at the very fun event. All three have been training with Yasmin Karachiwala, and talked fitness, Pilates and shared their experience of training at Body Image. At the event, news of Yasmin’s soon to be launched You Tube Channel titled “Be Fit With Yasmin Karachiwala” was also announced, the promo of which is now on air.  

Fitocratic was born when three people with a shared passion - Premal Parekh, Simone Barmecha and Suniel Bhutoria, came together with a collection vision of offering a best in class fitness solution for people through their gym. With Pilates making waves in the world of fitness today, with celebrities, fitness experts and more, all underlining its effectiveness for both the mind and body, it was one of their central offerings. 

Says Simone Barmecha, Partner, Fritocratic, “Fitness, and wanting to be fit is becoming so central in people’s lives. There is great awareness of techniques, research and trainers. We wanted to open a really great fitness studio, that included a solid Pilates programme. And when you say Pilates in India, the first name that comes to mind is Body Image, so we’re delighted to partner with them and now offer this service in South Mumbai.”

“Because of Mumbai’s geography, it becomes a challenge from people living in South Mumbai to get to Bandra. Yasmin and her team of trainers, have an unbeatable reputation, and were our choice of partners. She has been in this industry for the last 22 years and is the woman behind some of the sexiest and fittest bodies in tinsel town and competitive sport. She has profound knowledge about diverse fitness trend and forms as well. BodyImage for Fitocratic builds on that to make available the best fitness know-how and talent to our trainees.” adds Premal Parekh, Partner, Fitocratic. 

Says Yasmin, “Pilates is a wonderful form of staying fit. It beautifully exercises both the mind and body. I have so many people ask me when I’m opening in town. Well, we’re here now! So sign up!”

The gym will offer classes for all levels of fitness including personal training sessions.

Yasmin Karachiwala, is one of India’s most respected fitness professionals Pilates. She has been practicing for 24 years and is the Director of Body Image, her personal training fitness studio and has committed her professional life to promoting health, fitness and overall quality of life. She has recently been names India’s best fitness trainer by several media houses including Vogue, Elle and Men’s Health Magazine. She is the co-author of best selling Pilates book: Sculpt and Shape, The Pilates Way.

A mother of 2, she is a role model for youngsters and adults alike. She practices what she preaches, and is extremely fit herself. Her credo all along has been not just looking good, but also feeling good, in addition to being healthy and energetic.

Yasmin’s skill set is broad and deep. She is the only BASI (Body Arts and Science International US) certified Pilates in India, and specializes in Mat work as well as utilization of different machines (Reformer, Cadallac, Core Align, Wunda chair etc). She is also the only Balanced Body Master trainer and conducts teacher training for Pilates Mat, Reformer, Core Align & Motr. She has trained in many institutions globally, and on an ongoing basis stays abreast of emerging principles in the world of fitness. Her approach towards promoting fitness and health includes not just weight loss, but also improvement of posture, coordination, strength, flexibility and endurance. She believes, a body that performs well bio-mechanically automatically functions more efficiently, burns more fat, and overall performs better.

At Body Image, Yasmin uses a variety of modalities and equipment for fitness training. Her focus is on individual assessments, and designing fitness programs highly customized for each member based on their requirements, goals, like, dislikes, and make up.

She is highly respected in fitness circles, and her opinion is frequently solicited. She was the official fitness expert on the Pantaloons Femina Miss India 2011 contest and trained all of the contestants. She has made a multitude of appearances on television, including being a jury member on “Get Gorgeous 5” and on NDTV in a fitness show with Kim Sharma. She also appeared regularly in printed media (Mother and Baby, TOI ROUGE, Hi Blitz), and as a talk show guest on Fitness Radio FM 93.7. She has written multiple articles for newspaper and magazines like Bombay Times, Mumbai Mirror, Vogue, etc.

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