Monday, October 26, 2015


Union Bank of India organized an anti-corruption run “VIGITHON: A RUN FOR CORRUPTION-FREE INDIA” on 25th October, Sunday in Mumbai. The run was organised as a pre-cursor to the “Vigilance Awareness Week” which is going to be observed from 26th October to 31st October, 2015. The run was flagged off by Shri Suresh Prabhu, Central Minister of Railways, Government of India.
It is worth to mention here that it is being organized at other metro centres across the country also. It is an attempt at bringing in all stakeholders together at a common platform to create sensitization against corruption. We have to start an inclusive battle against corruption.
Vigilance Awareness Week is observed every year since year 2000 as per the guidelines of the Central Vigilance Commission. The objective of observing it is to reaffirm our commitment to fight against corruption. The theme chosen every year is aimed at drawing the attention of all stakeholders to a specific concept at one time that needs to be focused during the year to expedite our fight against corruption. “Preventive Vigilance as a tool of Good Governance” is the theme for this year.
Good governance is an essential tool for achieving socio-economic development of the country. Most important requirement for ensuring good governance is absence of corruption. Preventive Vigilance proactively identifies the causative reasons of wrong doings at the initial stage and takes corrective action. It has vital role in promoting a culture of alertness.
Collective and participative approach of all stakeholders is required to combat corruption effectively. Unless we get full support and active participation of all stakeholders, our fight against corruption will not be successful. We request general public to rise to the occasion and share any wrong doings witnessed by them, boldly with the concerned authorities. This will be of great help to the country and your valuable contribution towards building of a corruption-free society.
With this objective in mind, Union Bank of India has conceptualized ‘VIGITHON- A RUN FOR CORRUPTION-FREE INDIA’. This is the first time in India that any Public Sector Bank/ Enterprise has organized any run against corruption.
Shri Arun Tiwari,CMD, Union Bank of India, Shri Rakesh Sethi, ED, Union Bank of India, Shri Atul Kumar,CVO, Union Bank of India and other dignitaries from Central, Western Railways and Union Bank Of India graced the occasion. Several school children, general public, customers and employees of the Bank also participated in ‘VIGITHON’. This run has created awareness about anti-corruption and strengthened their resolution for making our country corruption-free, thus enabling Good Governance in the country.

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