Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Panasonic introduces i-PRO SmartHD Solutions for Transportation

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The new solution offers more than just security surveillance

New technologies have emerged and evolved in response to the challenges of rising incidents of crime and public security threats worldwide to monitor, detect and protect human lives and the critical infrastructure that enables our routines. Given the heavy fluxes of traffic and population in India, public spaces are becoming increasingly vulnerable, making securing the public transportation network a top priority.

Security cameras are an essential component of any security plan, serving as an effective deterrent to incidents of crime and a source of evidence when they do occur. However, the capabilities of CCTV cameras in current use are flawed by obsolete analog systems, high costs to organizations, sensitivity to environmental damage, and situational inadaptability. 

In this space, Panasonic technologies are going beyond providing safety and contributing to the efficiency and control of transportation networks by providing advanced, real-time information sharing systems and improving response times. Panasonic i-Pro SmartHD CCTV camera products are ushering in the next-generation of video surveillance requirements in the public transportation space with one-stop solutions to management software, controllers, recorders, in addition to cameras.

The range of i-Pro SmartHD CCTV cameras provide high resolution and high visibility images regardless of environmental conditions, with 18 wide-angled, low-distortion models that are resistant to blind spots. The clear-sight coated cameras offer the real-time capacity of removing factors that hinder vision such as rain, mist, and snow, and the LED enabled devices can highlight objects in surroundings with low-level illumination, for total situational awareness.

These intelligent models are sensitive to changing dynamics in the environment, with features such as auto tracking and scene change detection, which detect abnormal situations and scrutinize suspicious movement without human monitoring and immediately notify the control center. Most revolutionarily, the facial-recognition analytics software performs face matching and searching functions as well as people counting and analysis to the extent of age and gender determination. These devices can be remotely monitored on smartphones and tablets via the Panasonic Security Viewer app available on both Android and iOS.

Panasonic’s i-Pro transit solutions equip buses, trains, and airports for both indoor and outdoor surveillance with the power to provide 360° panoramic views and multiple-device transmission. The vandalism-proof, weather-resistant models are available in low profile designs for discrete installation. Engineered to secure cities and populations, Panasonic’s distinctive and versatile industry product solutions are positioned to transform the landscape of the video-surveillance technology.

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