Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Latest: P3 Architectural Solutions introduces LINEE Model of Modular Kitchens by Team7

·         Brand: P3 Architectural Solutions
·         Product: Linee Model of Modular kitchen by Team 7

·         Description: The Linee model of modular kitchen by Team 7 is an ideal kitchen solutions for all. The modular kitchen is entirely made up of premium quality of woods taken from the sustainable rainforests owned by Team 7. The customers gets various options like they can choose the type of wood, colour, also height can be adjusted as per customers priorities. The unit flaps and drawers of this kitchen is extremely sleek which makes the kitchen more spacious and these drawers and unit flaps are supremely easy to open and close as and when required to complete the kitchen tasks smoothly.

·         Unique Functionality:
1.       Customization is the key
2.       Extremely sleek drawers and unit flaps to have a spacious kitchen
3.       Easy to maintain it over years by application of natural oil
4.       Highly durable kitchen for years

·         Price: On request
·         Availability: Pan-India
·         Offices in: Mumbai, Bangalore, Delhi & Ahmedabad

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